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One day in the office…

Let’s say I'm a marketing executive at a tech company. It's early morning, and I'm walking into my office. My assistant, J, greets me:

J: Good morning, sir. Please respond to our partner. I've put his request on top of your inbox and drafted my suggestions.

S: Thank you, J. What's the plan for today?

J: You have ten meetings: one with Frank [our manager], and one with Peter, the new engineering VP, one with Helen Edwards [our top customer], the field team, and the marketing team meetings, four weekly updates, and two weekly one-on-ones.

S: Thank you. Please prepare monthly results for Frank’s meeting and get me the latest status update for Helen. Would you please attend and summarize the team meetings and weekly updates for me? For the field team, ask if the adoption of Product Summer [the code name for one of our latest products] is getting any better, and what we can do to improve it. What does Peter want to talk about?

J: Some issues with Product Orbitex [another code name, another product]; Peter wants to discuss options.

S: Please prepare an update on the Orbitex launch. And book a meeting for me with Peter. 

J: He’s available tomorrow afternoon. Should I book that time? Your calendar is open.

S: Yes. Thank you, J! I'm going for coffee.

A typical office conversation, right? There is a difference though: It's in the future, 2025, and J is a robot. He brings me a sense of control and peace of mind. And he makes me twice more productive in my home office on a tropical island.

Now return to the present day

Think about how stressful your work environment is today. Information is flooding your brain, and it never stops:

  • 200+ emails a day
  • 5-10 meetings and important conversations a day
  • Dozens of corporate systems to deal with: Salesforce, Marketo, Wrike, Workday, SharePoint, Jobvite, Litmos, Concur, Certify, Confluence, Jira, IT Helpdesk, Facilities Helpdesk, Procurement system, Bynder, Templafy, Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Teams, Skype, Zoom, On24, BrightTALK, Camtasia, and others.

You constantly feel you’re missing something important. You wake up at 6:00 am, and it’s already late—100+ emails came overnight from other parts of the world, and they’re waiting for you.

Almost 60% of the emails don’t require any action; you’re cc’d on them. The other roughly 40% are all sorts of automatic updates and notifications. Only two emails are important and require your attention. But you still need to check the 100+ to find those two important ones. Are you already wishing for your J?

From 2021 into 2025

J might still be more a dream than a reality, but intelligent automation, combining Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI), is bringing it closer. Intelligent automation bots are learning how to execute role-specific transactions. They can read emails, record meetings, summarize the content, and even assist in making decisions.

Soon, the time when we spend 12-14 hours a day in front of the screen doing the work will go away. With intelligent automation, we’re already able to spend more time with people or focus on the essential tasks, leaving the mundane, repetitive, time-consuming tasks to the bots.

Check out the automated solutions for industries, roles, and functions provided by Automation Anywhere, and start building your path into the future. Your J could be just around the corner.

See What’s Possible Today.

About Semyon Sergunin

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With a background in software development, B2B marketing, and sales, Semyon Sergunin has worked in automation technology for more than 15 years. He drives the global adoption of intelligent automation solutions, including IQ Bot and Discovery Bot.

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