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.31 Release - What's new in Automation 360

Automation Anywhere is excited to announce the January 2024 release of its industry-leading cloud-native Intelligent Automation platform, Automation 360™ v.31. This release brings new and enhanced features to elevate the customer experience by increasing worker productivity through the power of automation and AI. Specific innovations include new generative AI-powered automation solutions and the general availability of API Tasks, which marks a big step in our commitment to enabling customers to run low-latency, high-value end-user automation experiences without worrying about costly infrastructure maintenance.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s new.

New generative AI-powered automation solutions

Automation Co-Pilot for Automators gives developers an AI-powered automation assistant. This is exclusively available for our Cloud customers beginning in February 2024 and requires purchasing an additional license (contact your Automation Anywhere representative for more info).

With these new capabilities, developers can use AI to:

  • Build automations quickly with natural language processing. Simply describe the automation goals to Co-Pilot and it will transform ideas into automations to speed up the development lifecycle.
  • Auto-complete automations. Get AI-driven, real-time suggestions for the next logical steps in the automation workflow, helping developers of all levels create automations faster and more efficiently.

Generative Al also comes to Document Automation, enabling customers to extract data from invoices and custom documents. Users can inquire about specific details, including keyless data fields like supplier name, currency, or payment terms, facilitating swift and accurate information retrieval.

API Tasks for efficient automation with near real-time response rates

API Tasks lets automations run exclusively in the cloud and seamlessly integrate with SaaS applications and API endpoints. API Tasks also provides massive benefits for customers, including:

  • Near real-time automation responses to minimize wait times.
  • Lowers cost with no on-premises infrastructure expenses for Windows or VM maintenance.
  • Easier development that can be integrated into your processes and forms and accessed by business users via Automation Co-Pilot in any enterprise application.
  • Generation of consumption-based reports, alerts, and dashboard widgets to provide valuable insights and monitoring capabilities.

API Tasks will be available to Cloud customers in the US and EMEA (AWS only) beginning in February 2024 and requires purchasing an additional license that will be available starting February 2024 (contact your Automation Anywhere representative for more info).

Comprehensive automation coverage of business applications accessed as Citrix XenApp

Ensure reliable object-based automation for enterprise-level applications for secure infrastructure deployment and virtualization of Control Room and business applications as XenApp applications.

Enhanced security with OAuth2 for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace applications

Ensure compliance and secure access with OAuth2-based authentication while enabling users to automate Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace applications. Users can set up an OAuth2 connection in the Control Room and consume the same OAuth2 connection in each of these applications.

But wait, there’s more

For more details on this release, check out the v.31 release notes. Or, join us on January 31 at 8:00 a.m. PT for a detailed webinar featuring demos and our product experts covering these and other innovations in this latest release of Automation 360.

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