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Think back to your teenage years, playing computer, console, or online games. Your father walks in, sees you in your dark room staring into a monitor, and proclaims, “Games,
Games, GAMES!!! That’s all you think about. And what’re they going to do for you? Huh? Think they’ll help you get a job? 

Winning the job game

Jump forward to this month, April 2022, and there’s a type of online game event that can prove your father wrong: the Automation Anywhere Bot Games Season 2. Not only does this global virtual event offer developers the opportunity to improve their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) skills by solving four real-life automation challenges, Bot Games also provides a chance to engage with other developers and get noticed in the community.

Developers are recognized for their solutions to the challenges and can share their ideas with peers. And that notice can lead to a career boost, including, in some cases, new job opportunities, as some participants have discovered.

Join Automation Anywhere Developer Evangelist Lara Argento as she talks with one participant who has experienced many benefits from Bot Games, including enhancing his career.

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