Scale RPA to every employee for rapid, transformational, automation

People are burdened with too many digital tasks and processes across too many unintuitive enterprise systems. IT could never dig the entire organization out alone, even if it wanted to. Leapfrog skill and resource limitations by empowering business users with accessible, no/low-code, automation tools they can use on their own, every day.

Streamline more processes. Improve business KPIs. How? Empower business users with automation.

Eliminate application switching / Keep employees in the flow of work.

AARI searches through multiple systems to find the information employees need and presents all data on a single screen.

IT hands-free.

Empower business users to take control over their own automations with no-code drag-and-drop RPA.

Eliminate data and departmental silos.

Connect across back and front office systems and employees with no/low-code automation for AARI and RPA.

Level the digital skills playing field. / Accelerate change management.

Automating and upskilling made easy as AARI handles the complexity of each process so legacy steps and systems won't slow employees down.

Increase efficiency and productivity.

AARI brings automation to business users, enabling them to collaborate with RPA bots to automate tedious tasks.

Unlock ROI.

Business users are the gateway to automating faster and across more use cases by transforming institutional knowledge directly into automations.

Empowering every associate to automate at Humana

Health insurer Humana's citizen developer program empowers associates with RPA. The program provides training, code review, and automation oversight so associates can identify and automate everyday processes on their own.


So now that the development costs are much lower and we can deploy much quicker, we were able to deploy 34 automations, with an 8 to 1 ROI, in 6 months.


– Joe Bechtel, Automation Strategy Lead, Humana

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ROI in savings from automation

6 Weeks

Average new automation cycle time


Automations deployed in 6 months

Helping business teams help themselves

Give every employee access to automation

Realize the full potential of automation by engaging employees to use, reuse, and build bots, every day. Providing a digital assistant for automation is the no-code solution for every employee to access RPA across platforms, applications, and devices they’re already using.

Transform institutional knowledge into digital acceleration

Scale your RPA program by combining low-code digital assistants with citizen development of bots. Business users bring in-depth domain expertise to process automation, fueling more rapid business-wide digital transformation.

Customer Service, Sales, & Marketing

Differentiate and improve service quality with insights to help personalize customer interactions. Enable more effective selling with prospect research, cross-sell tips, and single-screen input for contract notes and updates. Up-level marketing operations and conversions with RPA-augmented lead validation, rapid campaign set up, and automated contact database updates.

Finance, HR, & IT

Scale error-free execution with automated invoice exception routing, multi-approval payment processing, and report generation. Improve workforce management from hiring to departure with automated offer letters, onboarding, and HR systems of record updates. Maximize IT productivity by automating new user provisioning and processing helpdesk inquires.

What does business user bot development look like? Get a closer look

Find out how employees can start quickly with pre-built bots and process discovery and ensure quality with CoE validation and ongoing monitoring and anaytics.

Discover AARI. The way to put automation into every employee’s hands.

Extend intelligent automation to every team with the Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI). AARI is the at-work digital assistant that brings human-bot collaboration to the day-to-day work applications where people are working.

Process Discovery

Easily define user access to automation, through flexible interfaces and devices, limiting access to PII data and confidential systems. For the business user, AARI presents self-service access to RPA bots for workflows and processes relevant to their function/role within the simplicity of a chat conversation, across applications and devices.

RPA Workspace

Business users can map existing processes or build new ones to customize AARI to your needs instead of relying on IT. Workflows are designed and packaged in the Process Editor where the human touch points and triggers for each automated workflow are orchestrated.


Hyper-scalable cloud-native microservices architecture and web-based interfaces minimize costs in deploying AARI to a global workforce. Plus realize immediate cost savings from better process outcomes across front and back office, across everything from customer SLAs to cash flow.


Discover full enablement and support plus built-in governance, compliance, and security oversight.



  • CoE visibility and Control

  • Benefit and Operational Tracking

  • Publishing and Reusability



  • Automation Anywhere University

  • CoE Scaling Services

  • Methodology, Standards, and Playbooks



  • Premium Support

  • Developer Portal

  • A-People RPA user network

  • Dedicated Customer Success

Automation means business - find out what it's all about


Finally, automation can be leveraged by everyone

Some people in your enterprise don’t have the time to be brought up to speed on RPA technology. Others are uncomfortable with learning new technology and applications. Now, automation can be accessible to everyone in your enterprise.


4 ways to collaborate with Intelligent automation bots at work

RPA is no longer a back-office process technology. Front office functions from customer service to sales and marketing can benefit from the advanced features intelligent automation offers including AI and analytics. Explore a few of the ways you can apply RPA to get maximum benefits across the business.


RPA can foster Improved business and IT relationships

Before IPA, automation was a massive undertaking with IT as the gatekeeper and long lists of requirements, funding approvals, and resource planning that meant half a year before much needed process changes became reality. Both the business and IT were frustrated. Intelligent automation has changed the status quo. Find out how.


5 steps to successfully scaling automation with citizen developers

Goodbye limited automation deployment.

Check out a few simple steps to scaling automation by enlisting business users as citizen developers. Find out the steps to take to evolve your automation program by expanding automation to business teams.

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