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of massive merger automated within first year

Uniting forces transforming challenges into opportunities through automation.

In a strategic move, the entertainment conglomerate merged with two other high-profile, media corporations. While this presented a lucrative business opportunity, it brought forth its own set of challenges. The complexity arose not only from the integration of three distinct legacy operating systems that needed seamless communication but also from the ambitious objective of consolidating them into a singular, streamlined operating framework.

The goal was to start small and optimize an automation center using low/no code automations the team could easily scale. The entertainment company found high-value use cases in HR and finance, focusing on automating tasks such as invoice handling, order-to-cash, job requisition, and benefits management. A year later, an impressive 80% of the merger had been automated.

Processes automated.

  • Corporate tasks
  • HR functions
  • Finance processes
  • Revenue reporting & functions
  • Production tasks
  • Studio system functions

Customer overview.

This company is a leading media and entertainment company with billions of subscribers,ranking #1 in multiple entertainment categories.

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