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Automation Anywhere Standard

Automation for any task

Ensure that your task gets done right with an array of user-friendly features including an advanced web recorder, tools for flawless web data extraction, task scheduling, and point and click wizards for easy task creation in minutes. With a combination of powerful technology and accessible, convenient features, you can auto-pilot tasks in areas such as:

Scriptless automation

No programming required.

We think any user should be able to automate any process he or she wants, without needing a tech degree to do it. That’s why our automation software is designed to be used programming-free—no lines of code, no scripting, and no hassle. For more seasoned users? Utilize our software as your own automation platform and create scripts from scratch.

Intelligent Automation

Smart Automation

What makes our automation software one-of-a-kind is our powerful SMART Automation Technology which eliminates the need to write any lengthy infrastructure code or scripting. This technology intelligently adapts to changes in your web or Windows environment, so that tasks always run flawlessly.

Drag and drop automation

Drag-and-drop for fast task creation

More than 275 actions that you can drop into task scripts let you easily create tasks of any complexity, and quickly edit them as needed when processes evolve. Pre-defined automation templates and point & click wizards give you even more options to automate in minutes.

Who can use it?

Business users

Business Users

Users can use the SMART task recording features to record actions without writing scripts. Or use pre-defined automation templates to create an intelligent, automated task in minutes.

IT users, administrators, developers

IT & Developers

Advanced users will enjoy the power of many action wizards, including the ability to create a script from scratch. Use in-built automation services like repeat, notification, etc., on VBScript & JScripts or integrate disparate scripts within an Automation Anywhere script.

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