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Automation Software

Grow fast and stay fast


Automation Anywhere Small Business

Automate complexity out of your business

The automation formula that makes small businesses more efficient today and more scalable tomorrow? Start with scriptless technology capable of making complex processes run themselves. Then add in centralized user management and security to control automation efforts. Put together, you’ve got Automation Anywhere Small Business—uniquely designed to up-level small and mid-sized businesses worldwide via technology that grows with them.

Get more done in less time

Solve resource allocation problems with software that any team member can use, and take repetitive, time-consuming work off their plates

Automate with ease

Record and edit tasks and processes easily with automation technology that automatically adjusts to different environments, and flawlessly plays tasks from anywhere.

Focus on value-added work

Connect disparate LOB systems and automate process that depend on them to gain the insights you need to make informed decisions, and enable your team to focus on value-added work.

Store and share tasks

Pull tasks from a centralized repository, reducing set-up time and replication efforts.

Key Features

User-friendly recording

3 types of recorders (task recorder, web recorder, Windows object recorder) intelligently capture the task at hand and replay it on other machines.

SMART Automation Technology

Capture image and object properties on your screen as you automate, and ensure that tasks run without a hitch regardless of changes made by external applications or programs.

24/7 Automation

Ensure that tasks run flawlessly and consistently during your waking or sleeping hours.


Everything you want from truly user-friendly software: no manual programming or scripting, drag-and-drop capabilities, and no customization required.

Steadfast security

Confidently run tasks in your absence with secure auto-login, auto-locking for computer, mouse, and keyboard, and stealth mode to prevent info from displaying on the screen.

ROI calculator

Get fast stats or a graphical representation of the return on investment for automating any process.

Rogers Communications

Case Study: Rogers Communications, Inc.

In the midst of several acquisitions and navigating more platforms for doing business, Rogers Communications found themselves tackling operational issues that come with merging systems and information, including complexity, increased costs, and potential for error. This case study dives into what they did with Automation Anywhere to streamline their processes, and save nearly a quarter of a million dollars per year.

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