This document describes the key milestones and support policies in the product life cycle for Automation Anywhere products and explains how to manage the corresponding End of Sale (EOS), End of Maintenance (EOM), and End of Life (EOL) transition.

The product lifecycle policy described in this document is applicable only to Automation Anywhere 10.x and 11.x Enterprise Software Release Families.

Automation Anywhere publishes key product lifecycle milestones on its website. Automation Anywhere will send notifications only to customers with active maintenance agreements and correct contact information. EOS and EOL communications include the last order date, the last date of support, and other key information pertaining to the product(s) to be discontinued.

Automation Anywhere reserves the right to change milestones in its sole discretion based on business needs or technical risk for customers.

Software Support Policy

Automation Anywhere sells its software release family and provides minor enhancements to it for a minimum of eighteen months from the date the release family was first made available until the End of Sale (EOS) date. After the End of Sale (EOS) date, no more enhancements will be added to the release and only customers who are expanding existing installations can purchase new licenses solely for this purpose. Automation Anywhere will typically notify customers at least six months prior to the End of Sale (EOS) date.

For all Automation Anywhere software products, Automation Anywhere will maintain a software release family for twenty-four months from the date the release family was first made available, until the End of Maintenance (EOM) date. During this period, the software release family will be maintained with defect fixes, and fully supported under active maintenance agreements. Automation Anywhere will notify customers at least six months prior to the EOM date.

On the EOM date, support will consist of limited technical support until the End of Life (EOL) date. Automation Anywhere will notify customers at least twelve months prior to the End of Life (EOL) date. During the EOL phase, the software release family will continue to be available, but will no longer have bug fixes incorporated. During this period, Automation Anywhere support will direct customers with support issues to existing fixes/patches and workarounds applicable to the reported case and may direct customers to upgrade to a more current release of the software.

Once the EOL date has reached, Automation Anywhere will no longer provide technical support for the 10.x Enterprise Software Release Family, and the software images will then be removed from the corresponding download site. Product information will then be limited to historical material that may be available in the Automation Anywhere documentation or in other online resources, which may be removed at any time after the EOL date.

Software Release Conventions

Software release numbers for Automation Anywhere products are comprised of three components: a major release number, a minor release number, and a maintenance build number.

Release TypeFrequencyDescription
Major ReleaseEvery 8-12 monthsIncludes significant changes to the software, which may include substantial enhancements to the software features, architecture, deployment modes, database schemas, and/or performance.
Minor ReleaseBetween 1-3 monthsIncludes minor enhancements that do not necessitate a major release.
Maintenance ReleaseEvery month (except when there is a minor release planned)Typically includes simple bug fixes or optimizations, but not new features. Maintenance releases do not include any database schema or protocol changes. Maintenance releases are feature compatible with previous minor or major release.
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