This document describes the lifecycle policy for Automation Anywhere products and services that are expressly designated as eligible for continuous support, where such products and services are governed by an applicable Software license agreement between the Customer and Automation Anywhere, Inc. Currently, only Automation 360 v.x (Software) and later releases are so designated.

Under this policy, Automation Anywhere products and services are supported for customers who are compliant with active licenses for such Software.

Automation Anywhere publishes key product and services lifecycle policies online. Changes for these products and services that are supported continuously may be periodic and customers should be alert for modifications to their product or service.

In the event Automation Anywhere determines that an update may materially impact a Customer’s operation of the Software and/or require Customer action(s) to avoid or mitigate any such impact, Automation Anywhere will provide advance notice of any such update. These notifications are available only to Customers with active Software License and applicable maintenance agreements, and where current Customer contact information has been provided to Automation Anywhere.

For products and services supported under this policy, Automation Anywhere will provide a minimum of twelve months notification prior to ending support if no successor product or service is offered. During this period, the Automation 360 v.x Software release family will be fully maintained with defect fixes, and fully supported under active maintenance agreements; however, during this period no Software enhancement requests will be accepted.

Automation Anywhere reserves the right to change this policy in its sole discretion.

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