Our executives frequently provide their perspectives on RPA, the market, and the future workforce in a variety of mediums including video, blogs, and articles. Take a look at some of their insights here.

Mihir Shukla - CEO and Co-founder

Mihir Shukla Automation Anywhere CEO

Mihir is a visionary in the automation space, having helped define a new, 3 billion dollar market category for business process automation (BPA). With the aim of constantly producing and innovating on automation software that is easy to use, and utilizes enterprise social collaboration and mobility platforms, Mihir leads the charge in driving billions of dollars in savings to millions of businesses, transforming the way they operate. An engineer at heart, Mihir focuses Automation Anywhere as a whole on creating groundbreaking technology that changes the way businesses think about automation. His previous experience includes leadership roles in internet, e-commerce, and wireless market leaders at the forefront of innovation like E2Open, Kiva, ISN, Netscape, Infoseek, and Omnisky.

What you didn’t know…: Mihir doesn’t mind an uphill battle; he’s an avid marathoner and uphill biker.


Richard French - Chief Operating Officer

Richard French - COO

An expert in enterprise-wide transformation and a prominent voice in the conversation on large-scale company growth (including on his eponymous blog), Richard is responsible for driving and overseeing operations for Automation Anywhere’s nationwide and international offices. The breadth of his corporate experience includes serving as CEO for three start-ups, Head of New Businesses for Nokia where he led four global teams in driving new business opportunities, and leadership roles in a number of tech companies including VA Linux, Bull, and Oracle. A sought-after speaker for industry events, Richard has shared his business perspectives in a variety of publications, and at events such as CES, Digital Hollywood, LinuxWorld, and OracleWorld.

What you didn’t know…: Life is a highway, and while Richard may not ride it all night long, this motorsports enthusiast can often be found at the racetrack coaching race car drivers and first time track enthusiasts.


Ankur Kothari - Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder

Mihir Shukla Automation Anywhere CEO

Ankur heads Automation Anywhere’s global revenue generation and customer operations strategies. As a co-founder, he has been a driving force from the company’s inception, playing critical leadership roles in determining and implementing the company’s vision and strategy, as well as in the engineering, product, services, and support divisions. With more than 15 years’ experience in the software industry, Ankur has developed a unique business perspective on globally extending the value of automation to new markets, introducing robot-human partnerships to key executives worldwide, and translating the business impact of automation to large enterprises, service providers, system integrators, advisors, shared services, and GICs.

What you didn’t know…:Ankur’s aspirations include participating in IronMan and opening a microbrewery. In that order.


Kathleen Holmgren - Chief Officer, Future Workforce

Kathleen Holmgren - Chief Officer, Future Workforce

A seasoned executive with over 30 years of experience in high tech and management consulting, Kathleen works as an agent of change in institutions of higher learning to influence advances in curriculum and collaborate with faculty in preparing the future workforce to be RPA-enabled. Operating under the idea that if you want to change the future of work, you have to also change the future workforce, Kathleen has already been influential in the educational realm, having served on the advisory board at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and currently at Cal Poly’s College of Engineering. As she continues to work with schools of engineering, business, and computer science, Kathleen is able to draw on her extensive corporate leadership resume, including most recently serving as COO of Automation Anywhere, and previously as Sun Microsystem’s Senior VP/GM, where she rapidly grew Sun’s storage business to a 1.5 billion dollar business in 3 years.

What you didn’t know…: Kathleen dreams of owning a house in the Italian countryside...and we’re all looking forward to taking her up on the room and board we’re certain she would offer us.


Sridhar Gunapu - VP, Engineering

Mihir Shukla Automation Anywhere CEO

As VP of Engineering at Automation Anywhere, Sridhar drives product development and design activity for all Automation Anywhere product offerings. Sridhar’s career spans 15 years in technical management and developing high-performance, web-scale software systems, including developing the industry’s first web-based insurance service at InsWeb in 1998. At EffOne, he architected and developed several high throughput, low latency trading and messaging platforms for top investment banks and exchanges (NYSE/CME). Most recently, in 2011 Sridhar co-founded Gussen, a crowd sourced social prediction engine that gives marketing teams insight into future trends and user behaviors.

What you didn’t know…: You may have arrived in a Corolla, but you might be leaving in a Civic after a few conversations with Sridhar about his favorite vehicle brand: Honda.


Abhijit Kakhandiki - VP, Products

Mihir Shukla Automation Anywhere CEO

A seasoned product management executive with a proven track record in new product development, go-to-market, and improved product P&L performance, Abhijit oversees Automation Anywhere’s product strategy and evolution. His rich array of experience includes leading Autodesk’s transformation to the cloud, directing the team for Oracle’s next generation Innovation Management Initiative, and steering product management and strategy for Portfolio Management and Dashboard Analytics applications at Agile Software, delivering rapid product and customer experience improvement. Abhijit’s entrepreneurial endeavors include a successful exit for his own startup, ATMA software, which is now part of Oracle.

What you didn’t know…:Besides forging successful product paths in the corporate world, Abhijit has also made tracks in nature—particularly upward. (He’s climbed Mt. Whitney, Mt. Shasta, Half Dome and Mt. Fuji, to name a few!)


Mark Fletcher - VP Banking, Financial Services & Insurance Markets

Mihir Shukla Automation Anywhere CEO

Based in our Boston office, Mark is responsible for leading a commercial team of automation experts that discover and deliver high-value, high-impact solutions. With over 25 years of experience in the software market, and with the last 15 years devoted to automation solutions, Mark has been instrumental in bringing the promise of RPA technology to the world’s largest financial services, healthcare, technology, retail, and BPO organizations, with a particular emphasis on transforming shared services organizations. Previously, Mark has played key technical, sales, marketing, operations, and management roles in the USA and Europe, at companies such as ORSYP Software, UC4, AppWorx, and Macro 4.

What you didn’t know…: Mark’s early career life actually began on a professional soccer (er, “football”) field.


Rushabh Parmani - VP, Enterprise Accounts and Co-founder

Mihir Shukla Automation Anywhere CEO

Rushabh and his team manage the Automation Anywhere experience for many Fortune 500 companies worldwide, as well as BPOs and System Integrators across the globe. His ability to convey the RPA vision has been instrumental in instilling a successful culture of automation in these organizations for the past 12 years. Passionate about technology, Rushabh has led product development, customer support, and an expert services team in their global efforts at Automation Anywhere—a company Rushabh has worked with since its inception.

What you didn’t know…:Rushabh wants customers to realize high returns...similar to the high return HE experienced bungee jumping from the world’s highest bungee bridge in Bloukrans, South Africa.


Edmundo Costa, VP Alliances and Enterprise Accounts

Edmundo Costa, VP Alliances and Enterprise Accounts

With deep and broad experience as an entrepreneur and leader at a number of high tech enterprises, Edmundo leads Automation Anywhere's advisory relationships, guiding the delivery of RPA services into enterprises worldwide. Previously, Edmundo co-founded and led virtual security pioneer Catbird, successfully building its Enterprise business and securing institutional funding. He was the sales leader and member of the Executive Team at both Tarantella and SCO. Edmundo is a dual-degree graduate of Cornell University with a BS in Operations Research and Information Engineering and BA in Economics. He has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

What you didn’t know…: When Edmundo isn't deep diving into the value of RPA, he's diving into the briny sea as an avid SCUBA diver.


Neeti Mehta - VP, Brand Strategy and Initiatives, and Co-founder

Mihir Shukla Automation Anywhere CEO

A co-founder of Automation Anywhere, Neeti now leads the brand marketing and website production teams. An avid strategist, she brings over 15 years of business management, marketing, and entrepreneurial experience from a wide variety of industries including technology, business consulting and advertising. Neeti thrives on holistically looking at the ever-changing nature of marketing programs and loves to “play customer.” She has lived in three countries and holds an MBA from Bond University, Australia.

What you didn’t know…: If Neeti was trapped on a desert island, she’d have to have music, chocolate, coffee, and books (the paper kind) to even consider survival.


Darshan Jani - Product Advisor

Mihir Shukla Automation Anywhere CEO

As Product Advisor at Automation Anywhere, Darshan has not only developed a number of differentiating features in the Automation Anywhere product line, but also is responsible for driving the transition to the development of broader solutions. With 15+ years of experience in the tech industry, Darshan has previously led teams at Automation Anywhere in developing varied technology products, from enterprise server and network protocols to web-based application and data. Darshan also served as General Manager of the Automation Anywhere office in Baroda, India, where he provided vision, leadership, planning, and management for IT, HR, and Operations.

What you didn’t know…: In his free time, you might find Darshan hanging out with Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer...a cast of characters he says he can watch “anytime, anywhere.”