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In 2020, the estimated volume of information created, captured, consumed, and copied globally reached 64 Zettabytes, which will grow to 180 Zettabytes by 2025. This rapid expansion in data creation is due to the proliferation of digital devices and the expanding use of social media and cloud-based services.

As data volumes continue to explode, organizations are turning to data analytics automation to help them manage and understand this data. In the security industry, it helps identify threats and vulnerabilities and monitor and respond to security incidents.

Data analytics automation can also help security organizations save time and money by reducing the labor and cost necessary for manual data cleaning, visualization, and mining.

How does data analytics automation help in the security industry?

1. Monitoring and responding to security incidents

By automating the data collection and analysis, analysts can quickly identify, track, and respond to patterns and trends that may indicate a security incident. It allows them to take action more quickly to mitigate the threat.

2. Identifying threats and vulnerabilities

Analysts can quickly spot weaknesses in their security systems by analyzing data from multiple sources, allowing organizations to improve their efforts and take steps to prevent gaps before they become significant problems.

3. Improving incident response time

Automating the data collection and analysis process helps enterprises pinpoint the most relevant data to a security incident. It enables them to focus on insights that will help them resolve current and future incidents more quickly.

4. Enhancing data-driven decision-making

Data analytics automation provides quick, easy access to information organizations need to make informed, data-driven decisions. Analysts can view and understand all implications of their choices before making them, preventing errors and improving their preparedness for future scenarios.

5. Reducing costs

Data analytics automation can cut the associated costs by eliminating expensive, time-consuming processes. It can free up resources that you can use for other purposes such as threat mitigation and incident response.

Overcoming data analytics challenges in the security industry

Choosing the right data analytics automation solution can help companies deal with potential challenges such as:

  • Managing data privacy and security—Organizations must ensure that data is adequately secured and that data analytics automation complies with privacy laws. Today’s leading automation platforms come with a variety of security features and comply with government regulations.
  • Addressing data bias—Data bias can occur when you obtain data from only one source or a biased sample. For example, data bias can arise if data is collected only from social media posts. Data analytics automation can minimize data bias by collecting data from multiple reliable sources.

More efficiency, better security

Data analytics automation is a much-needed development in the security industry, given the sheer volume of data that needs to be processed daily. Discover what it can do for your business.

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