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Google Cloud Next ’21 starts today. Have you signed up? It’s your opportunity to “connect with experts, see the latest tech in action, and sharpen your skills.” And that includes hearing about what the partnership of Google and Automation Anywhere has created.

Earlier this year, we ran an article in the blog about the inception of the partnership. Since then, use cases have been developed around the Google AI solution portfolio and our cloud-native Automation 360™ platform—the latest tech has been put “in action.” You can learn about those use cases and the partnership during Google Cloud Next ’21 and an event-related podcast. Following is a preview of what will be covered.

An intelligent match

In the earlier blog article, author Daniela Maszhold of Google wrote, “First, by combining Google Cloud's AI solution portfolio with the cloud-native Automation 360 platform, users can either build automation with the best AI tools and/or adopt business process workflows in the cloud to scale their digital transformations.”

Both companies bring strong benefits to the partnership. Automation 360 is the only cloud-native end-to-end automation platform for the front and back office—for any office. Google is the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) leader.

“When we at Google Cloud looked at how we could help businesses the most, it was clear that providing infrastructure services was only a start,” said Maszhold. “[Companies] are looking for an innovation partner that helps them accelerate their digital transformation initiatives…This is where the partnership with Automation Anywhere comes in. We saw several benefits in bringing the strengths of our two companies together.”

Joint industry solutions

Today, Automation 360 and Google Cloud are being deployed across corporate functions and industries, to drive digital transformation.  Here are some examples.

Customer service

No matter the industry, if you have a contact center, Automation 360 and Google CCAI can benefit your operation. You can improve your operational efficiency, agent productivity, and the customer experience. AI-enabled bots can give your agents (virtual or human) real-time access to complete customer information in a single view. Working in the background, the bots can speed up customer issue resolution and free up your agents to focus on conversations with customers for more personalized service. Response time is reduced; customer satisfaction increases. 

Financial services

The combined technology is helping to transform banking operations. For example, users are streamlining loan origination, digitizing documents, and accelerating loan closing. The technology can strengthen Know Your Customer (KYC)/anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, automating data feeds, eliminating false-positive alerts, and significantly reducing related costs.


Imagine automating almost three-quarters of your claims process to triage, identify fraud, and close claims faster—with no human intervention. Automation 360 and Google Cloud can make that possible. The technology can also be used to automate and accelerate underwriting.

Supply chain 

Especially during the pandemic, the supply chain is often the weakest link in a business’s operations. With Automation 360 and Google Cloud, users can get real-time visibility. Automation 360 enables Google Supply Chain Twin to access legacy systems for a complete, transparent view of operations. The combined technology makes it possible for a supply chain to run autonomously, minimizing the potential of human error. And it can streamline procurement with automated invoice processing to reduce manual work and costs and accelerate accounts payable (AP) processes.

What’s next? To learn more, attend Google Cloud Next ’21 starting today, October 12. And listen to the podcast.

The Podcast Is Ready.


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