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Experience Austin, embrace the future

We are so excited for Imagine Austin 2024, coming up next month on June 11 – 12. Be the first to see the next evolution of Automation Anywhere and how we’re unleashing the power of AI across the enterprise. You'll see success stories from every industry, including healthcare and financial services, and how generative AI is helping break the barriers of what's possible with automation. Adding to the excitement will be special guest Fareed Zakaria, host of Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN, who will moderate a fireside chat with senior-level business leaders.

At last year’s Imagine, attendees were among the first to see our new generative AI innovation and get access to this technology to advance their automation goals. This year, we are taking this further, not only with expert insights on the latest in the world of AI but also tangible customer success stories and nonstop examples of how you can now use this powerful technology to drive productivity across your organization.

Imagine 2024 follows closely to last year’s event because automation, AI, and generative AI technologies are moving so fast that you need to get the latest insights as soon as possible.

Moving Imagine forward to keep you updated

Automation and AI are evolving so quickly, dramatically faster than even recent technological advancements. Keeping pace isn’t enough, but staying ahead means regularly connecting with top automation and AI experts and practitioners.

Harnessing the power of generative AI quickly and ahead of competitors is imperative to soaring above the flock and meeting the fast-changing needs of your customers, workers, and business. The potential value at stake with generative AI alone is enormous: IDC recently predicted $11 trillion in total economic impact by 2027. It’s now a race to see who can capture their share of that value first.

With that urgency in mind, here are the top 3 reasons to attend Imagine Austin 2024!

Reason #1: Be the first to see the AI announcements that will ignite enterprise productivity

It's hard to believe that it's already been a year since we announced our first generative AI advancements. Thanks to these advanced capabilities and our built-in governance and security, hundreds of teams have put these features to work to automate complex processes they never thought possible.

At Imagine Austin 2024, you can expect to see advancements to the Automation Anywhere platform specifically focused on helping organizations put AI to work for complex enterprise automations. These will continue the momentum we’ve built with AI and generative AI innovations to give our customers more capabilities to automate more, and more elaborate, processes from the same Automation Anywhere platform.

You won’t want to miss “Automate the Impossible with Generative AI,” where our product leadership team will unveil how the Automation Success platform can automate processes that are more complex than ever, making people and enterprises soar. Hear from Amazon Web Services, too, in a demonstration of how our joint solution is putting cutting-edge AI into action.

OK, no more spoilers! Register for Imagine Austin 2024 today and be one of the first to discover how our platform will help you automate the impossible.

Reason #2: Get inspired with industry-specific AI success stories across sessions, networking meetups, and community events

For the first time, Imagine will feature industry “Super Sessions” aimed at addressing the automation and AI challenges of complex industries. We’ll showcase our expertise and stories from Automation Anywhere customers, highlighting Intelligent Automation solutions to processes once thought impossible to automate.

These complexities are magnified in the healthcare and financial services industries, and Automation Anywhere is uniquely qualified and experienced at delivering automation success to organizations in these sectors. At Imagine Austin, our inaugural Super Sessions will focus on these industries by bringing global AI thought-leaders and innovators to share their thinking, strategies, and guidance.

Imagine Austin 2024’s Healthcare Super Session will feature healthcare professionals, providers, payers, and industry pioneers discussing automation trends, highlighting current generative AI use cases, and leading thought-provoking discussions. Automation Anywhere experts will also explore the platform’s healthcare industry-specific capabilities, from HiTRUST certification and AI governance to regulatory compliance and the impact of automation on patient experiences.

The Healthcare Super Session also provides a venue to learn from and share ideas with those in your own community. Imagine Austin 2024 will highlight voices from within the healthcare community, with notable speakers including Timothy Driscoll, Senior Director, Technology Strategy and Innovation at Boston Children's Hospital, Srinivas Reyya, Manager at CareFirst Inc., and Dr. Yan Chow, Global Industry Leader, Healthcare, at Automation Anywhere.

Imagine Austin 2024's Financial Services Super Session will showcase banking, insurance, and capital markets professionals as they explore cutting-edge automation trends, participate in interactive discussions and panels led by guest speakers from top AI and consulting firms, and offer guidance on AI governance, regulatory compliance, and customer experience improvements.

Ken Mertzel, Global Industry Leader, Financial Services, at Automation Anywhere, will guide these industry conversations on topics such as AI governance, regulatory compliance, and customer experience optimization.

Reason #3: Engage with leaders as they share AI journeys and best practices

Imagine Austin 2024 will feature a plethora of Automation Anywhere customers leading sessions, participating in panel discussions, and offering an unfiltered view of their automation journeys. As automation developers, leaders, and innovators, you will have numerous opportunities to expand your skills and achieve what once seemed impossible.

Enterprises scheduled to speak at Imagine Austin include:

  • Paramount will discuss its early automation + AI successes and its unique framework for building an AI use case in just 24 hours.
  • GM Financial and Cargill will explain how to orchestrate multiple technologies like API, RPA, API Tasks, and AI for seamless operations.
  • FedEx Office will share insights on automating complex use cases to yield ROI across the business.
  • TELUS will explore its journey in harnessing AI-powered automation to streamline operations, foster collaboration, and drive innovation.

Those in the Pathfinder program will find sessions, master classes, and workshops aligned with specific mission goals, enabling you to get a faster ROI than ever before. Additional hands-on learning sessions will provide experience on AI-powered document automation, using Automation Co-Pilot with Amazon Bedrock, and new Bot Games Challenges. And, you’ll have ample time to engage with peers at networking meetups, user groups (including User Group en Español), and community night.

Imagine Austin 2024 also promises to dig deep into AI and generative AI applications, use cases, and customer stories. You will leave with real and practical examples of where you can ignite business productivity, unleash developer innovation, and deploy automation faster than ever. You’ll also learn how to overcome typical AI challenges, such as security concerns, privacy and encryption of model training data, ensuring compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, and other standards, removing bias, and so much more.

AI’s imperative to enterprise success

The promise of AI reached a fever pitch in 2023 as it cleared the Gartner Hype Cycle peak of inflated expectations. Now, we’re seeing enterprises push beyond the hype and demand tangible value and outsized impact from AI-driven innovations. And, automation is leading the charge.

While AI has slowly added intelligence, automation, and speed to enterprise processes over the past several years, generative AI technologies have exploded onto the scene. Now, in 2024, it’s rushing past the hype and being actively deployed to write code, manage processes, and generate hyper-accurate video. McKinsey expects generative AI to eventually add up to $4.4 trillion annually to the global economy.

When you consider AI’s reach, it’s no wonder the opportunities continue to multiply. Productivity gains, cost savings, speed, innovation, and improved customer and employee experiences merely scratch the surface of the benefits AI is bringing to the enterprise. Organizations that can deliver responsible, trusted, and democratized AI and generative AI solutions will see out-sized impact and business growth from these innovations.

Imagine Austin 2024 is where you will learn how the best-run companies are putting AI to work and driving unprecedented efficiency and productivity.

Learn how to automate the impossible at Imagine Austin 2024

Imagine has become the foremost industry conference focused on AI, generative AI, and enterprise automation. It’s tailored to business leaders driving company success, center of excellence leaders pushing for higher levels of impact, and developers working to create enterprise-changing solutions.

You’ll learn, grow, and share as you forge new business relationships, network with AI and automation pioneers, and take the lead on AI trends and innovations at this engaging event.

Register for Imagine Austin 2024 today!

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