Business Challenge.

When things go wrong, customers demand instant resolution. It’s difficult to make this possible, especially when:

  • tickthere aren’t enough contact center agents to handle incoming complaints.
  • tick a flight is delayed and hundreds of passengers are impacted at once, causing an influx of inbound complaints and requests.

The automation + generative AI solution.

  • tickIncoming customer emails are analyzed for intent, need and tone.
  • tick A case is automatically created in the CRM with all of the pertinent details.
  • tick Agent can view case details and initiate workflows directly in the call center app via Automation Co-Pilot.
  • tick Agent can leverage generative AI to auto-draft a personalized reply that includes a response and resolution with the appropriate tone of empathy and gratitude.

Business impact and outcomes.

Business impact


near complete reduction in AHT


customer satisfaction and loyalty


agent experience and employee retention

Reduce agent response time by nearly 100% with automation + AI.

Applying automation and AI reduced complaint submission process time from 275 min to 5 min AHT.


Submits an online complaint for a major flight delay but fails to include flight information.​

generative AI
generative AI

Generative AI classifies the case and extracts customer data from the email.​


The Automation Success Platform updates case details in Salesforce and then searches multiple systems for the customer's flight number.

server sap expedia

The Automation Success Platform finds the delay code for this flight number and updates it in Salesforce.

human interaction

Salesforce agent reviews the complete case data in Salesforce and needs to draft a response with compensation.​​

automate human interaction
generative AI

The agent uses Automation ​Co-Pilot to request a personalized email reply from generative AI.​​​

automate human interaction

The agent reviews the email and makes any desired adjustment and submits to the customer.​​​​



human interaction

Human interaction

 Generative AI

Generative AI

 Generative AI

Automation Co-Pilot

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