With continued inflation and looming recession, many contact centers are pressured to deliver more for customers with constrained resources. As a result, contact center agents around the globe are facing an even more intense workload and anxiety in an already stressed-out workplace. In a Cornell University study, 87% of call center workers reported “high” or “very high” stress levels.

Intelligent automation for contact centers is essential in alleviating the agents’ workload and keeping up with the increasing customer demand. However, how you implement automation directly impacts your agents’ adoption of technology and ultimately the customer experience. Automation Anywhere and Genesys have partnered together to empower agents with AI-driven efficiency directly in the flow of their work so that agents can focus on delivering an empathetic experience and solving problems for customers.

Join automation experts to learn the latest intelligent automation strategy to explore:

  • How to maximize your current contact center technology to drive more ROIs

  • How to simplify agents’ operations by making automation directly in the flow of their work

  • How to transition to a hybrid human-digital workforce smoothly and pain-free


  • Host: Rajesh Radhakrishnan, EVP & GM, RPA, Automation Anywhere

  • Guest: Juergen Tolksdorf, Sr Director, Marketplace Innovation, Genesys

  • Guest: Sasikumar Mohan Rao, Global CX Transformation Lead, Wipro

Rajesh Radhakrishnan

General Manager for AI + Automation

Automation Anywhere

Juergen Tolksdorf

Sr Director, Marketplace Innovation


Sasikumar Mohan Rao

Global CX Transformation Lead


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