EMAAR’s Hyper-Automation boosts transaction processing by 90% saving company over 30k hours annually


EMAAR is a multinational conglomerate and property development company located in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It operates in 6 major business segments with 60 active companies and presence in 36 international markets, primarily in Asia, Middle East, North Africa, Pan-Asia, Europe and North America., and is built upon the legacy of its flagship Downtown Dubai creations—the iconic Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Dubai Fountain.


With multiple lines of businesses across 36 countries, EMAAR wanted a solution that improves the process efficiency of each of its verticals and allows employees to have more time to focus on core business or innovative tasks.


Averaged hours saved annually


Faster transaction processing


Faster bank account reconciliation


Transactions annually

Binoo Joseph

Our hyperautomation program has helped us deliver operational excellence across multiple areas in a rapid and scalable manner, driving significant business benefits every time.

-Binoo Joseph, Group CIO EMAAR Group quote


Partnering with Automation Anywhere™ software and services almost three years ago, EMAAR launched its automation journey using the company’s Version 11 software. Following a successful migration to Automation 360™ cloud native platform, the organization has automated over 100+ processes across shared services and departments spread across its various business verticals. For certain use cases, EMAAR also leverages Automation Anywhere’s intelligent document processing software, IQ Bot™, and AARI™ front-end interface for certain use cases.

Processes Automated

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Malls rent relief during COVID-19

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Bank statement reconciliation across 500+ bank accounts

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Audit reporting for 100+ communities

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MIS generation pertaining to operations and sales

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Education expense reimbursement for all the group employees



To achieve its goal of improved efficiencies, EMAAR integrates over 100 intelligent automation solutions throughout its different lines of businesses which includes property, retail, entertainment, hospitality, leasing, and within those businesses’ automations exist in nearly every department. Many of the automations are self-service, processing complex data in accelerated speeds, and as detailed below, are as varied as the company’s businesses.

During COVID lockdown, EMAAR provided rent relief to their Malls retailers, but the challenge was how to create and send out 4000 legal agreement modifications to their lessees in the given deadline. The massive process change required creating agreement amendments, new billing lines in the accounting system, the generation of new invoices, acceptance letters, for the tenants to sign them and record changes in the core ERP platform. EMAAR consulted with the ERP vendor who advised them that the process change would take a minimum of three months to implement. The other major challenge was the fluid nature of changes due to the changing circumstances in COVID-19, and which were unknown to business. This really complicated the implementation and executing changes on the ERP platform whenever an unknown is discovered. But with the support of Automation Anywhere’s team, the 4000 legal agreements were generated in just 18 hours. Complex variables such as ever-changing financial calculations would have thwarted a manual process but with automation the rule could easily be tweaked and the bot set to run again, saving the company two to three weeks’ worth of work in just a couple of hours.

In the Finance department, EMAAR has a use case to reconcile more than 400 bank accounts daily with the receipts received in their ERP system. Before automation, there were four dedicated full-time employees challenged with the daily reconciliation process. Each of the 400 accounts required logging in to the individual banking portal, and each bank statement downloaded before starting a manual reconciliation process. The automated process uses a soft token to acquire the one-time password to log into the banking portal, then downloads the 400 account statements, runs a reconciliation process, and generates a summary within just two hours, informing finance employees of each account’s status as they arrive each morning, making morning coffee more enjoyable!

For Human Resource’s quarterly education expense reimbursement, a benefit provided to all EMAAR’s 10k employees for their children’s education, the company leverages the power of IQ Bot’s intelligent document processing. The process of manually checking 10k employee documents was very complex and time consuming and required automation. Now employees file for reimbursement by submitting their information into self-service ERP which triggers a bot to run the OCR and validate multiple business rules, and automatically rejects or approves the transaction. If the bot is not able to take a decision it automatically reassigns the transaction to a human for manual verification, which is around 10-15% of the overall transaction volume.


Having reached maturity level in the organization’s automation journey, EMAAR continues to hyper-automate by further involving bots into the human workflow and plans to automate another 100+ processes. The company would like to increase the number of transactions managed by bots from 30% to almost 60% and explore process mining for its next juncture.

Syed Ashar Ahmed

Our first year we saved 30k hours in transaction processing time. Today our bots manage 7k, or 30% of our transactions per day, which we expect to grow up to 60% in the coming year.

-Syed Ashar Ahmed, Head of Intelligent Automation & PMO quote



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