Discover and document processes to accelerate automation
all in a single intelligent automation platform

Automation Anywhere Discovery Bot is the only process discovery solution natively built into the leading intelligent automation platform. It accelerates and scales automation across the organization by recording user activities, discovering documenting business processes, helping analyze process variances to identify automation opportunities with the highest business impact, and generating bot blueprints to automate them. All in a single enterprise platform.



Record user activities, aggregate and document processes



Find high-value automation opportunities, manage automation pipeline



Convert automation opportunities into bot prototypes

What is Process Discovery?

Automatic process discovery, also called task mining, is a technique to uncover business processes by recording user interactions with various systems, including enterprise solutions (ERP, CRM, BPM, ECM, etc.), personal productivity applications (Microsoft Excel, Outlook, etc.), and terminal and virtual environments. Unlike process mining that reconstruct processes using the data from event logs generated by enterprise solutions, process discovery captures user interactions with any application. It records necessary data such as mouse movements, clicks, etc. for identifying RPA opportunities and automatic creation of bots.

Empower business users to accelerate automation

Before Discovery Bot

Manual process discovery
and documentation


Business User

Process Analyst / SME

RPA Developer

With Discovery Bot



Business User / Citizen Developer

Process Analyst / SME

RPA Developer

Why Discovery Bot?

RPA Platform Integrated

Fully integrated with the industry-leading Digital Workforce platform

Cloud Native

Cloud native for at-scale process discovery, process data aggregation and machine learning

Discovery to Automation

Leading process discovery and task mining capabilities enable auto-creation of bots in one click

See Discovery Bot in action

Learn how multiple business users, process analysts and RPA experts work together to discover and build new automations.

Observe powerful capabilities and seamless user experience of a single platform.

Imagine how Discovery Bot can help accelerate and scale your automation initiatives.

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Business outcome of Process Discovery

With Shared Services practitioners battling a burning platform, significantly scaling automation has emerged as one of the two primary drivers for a more resilient and successful future.

This report highlights the evolving capabilities of platform-based automation, which can string together previously separate initiatives around identification, prioritization, building, and deploying to scale up and accelerate automated solutions.

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