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The Automation Anywhere team is focused on work that benefits our customers and our employees. We offer the opportunity to foster creativity, innovation, collaboration, growth and success. And we are always looking for talented people from all over the world.

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A company born in the birthplace of computing and expanding its branches to Baroda

Automation Anywhere was founded in 2003 by four founders who aimed to transform the way companies work through automation. The four people who worked in the technology industry and had knowledge in this area will base their automation Anywhere in San Jose, the "capital of Silicon Valley" and the world-famous birthplace of technology and innovation. I thought it was rational.

A few years later, the CEO of Automation Anywhere decided to set up an office in India to expand its business. The CEO, who once attended the University of Baroda, knew that the area was well-stocked and chose Baroda as the best location for his development office. It currently has more than dedicated employees in offices around the world (still growing!), And offices in the United States, London, Baroda and Bangalore. It offers a rewarding new opportunity for professionals looking to change the world with automation.



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