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Remote work, productivity improvement, human resource utilization and KPI visualization

NOTE: This text has been translated from Japanese

Hitachi Solutions, Ltd (headquarters in Sinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tetsuo Shibahara) is now offering workstyle innovation solutions to improve productivity from remote work to human resource utilization with RPA, AI and IoT from July 4th, 2017.

This solution is based on the reliable knowledge gained from advanced digital solutions and Hitachi Solutions' internal verification. Hitachi Solutions offers flexible work environments to be able to work anywhere, anytime and improve productivity and performance of the organization.

Hitachi Solutions has signed the first distributor, leading enterprise RPA platform provider "Automation Anywhere" (headquarters in Calif., CEO: Mihir Shukla) and will start selling an RPA solution with the Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform beginning July 4th, 2017. Also, Hitachi Solutions will start selling AI assistant service (a chat bot) and be able to integrate with the RPA solution from July 20th, 2017.

Recently, workstyle innovation has been recognized as a nationwide social challenge.

Hitachi Solutions has engaged in diversity management and work-life balance, and implemented a remote work/communication system in 2016. From this April, Hitachi Solutions has been accelerating efforts such as improving productivity, workstyle innovation and reward system by using IoT and AI.

Hitachi Solutions has created a new business unit – "Lifestyle Innovation Division" – to strongly promote the lifestyle innovation business leveraging Hitachi Solutions' own knowledge starting on April 1st, 2017.

Workstyle Innovation Solution
Workstyle innovation solution consists of four fields which are "Flexible workstyle," "Productivity improvement," "Human resource management and analysis" and "Personal life enrichment." Hitachi Solutions will expand the solution portfolio to KPI visualization, employees' behaviour analysis in a timely manner and visualization with AI in an effort to assist organizations to accelerate workstyle innovation.

  1.  Productivity improvement: New solutions with RPA and AI
    • Refer to "New Solution" below
  2. Flexible workstyle: Combine Microsoft products and services with existing Hitachi Solutions' solutions
    • Offer Microsoft Office365, Skype for Business, virtual desktop environment
  3. Human resource management and analysis: Combine Hitachi Solutions' package software "Lysithea" with AI
    • Offer human resource analysis services combining AI technology and human resource management system "Lysithea" used by 1,100 companies, especially those in the enterprise. Also Hitachi Solutions offers automatic PC shutdown system at a certain time.

New solution

  1. RPA solution

    The leading enterprise RPA Platform "Automation Anywhere Enterprise" has been used by 500+ enterprise companies including companies running 100+ robots.

    Hitachi Solutions conducted PoC at sales order process and confirmed that it reduced processing time by 70%. It allows organizations to not only dramatically improve productivity, but also increase revenue since it enables organizations to assign employees to core business.

    (1) Automate various rules-based processes end-to-end
        - Automate any repeatable, rule-based process leveraging web system, UNIX, client applications such as SAP and so on.
    (2) Easy and fast to develop robots
         - With robust recording function and 500+ commands in Automation Anywhere Enterprise, it allows users to automate and customize complex business processes with zero knowledge.
    (3) Robot management and ROI visualization by Control Room
         - Control room allows the administrator to know the ROI because of robust reporting.
    (4) Integrate with Hitachi Solutions' existing product and services
        - By combining with Katsubun to extract necessary data from a document, AI assistant service, etc., it allows businesses to improve productivity.
  2. AI assistant service

    This service is an AI chat bot running on Skype for Business, which understands input contents from smart devices and PCs in natural language. It enables users to integrate with cloud services such as Microsoft Office365, search customer information and/or documents from a CRM, and automate business processes with RPA just by inputting natural language. The service allows employees to access necessary information anytime, anywhere.

Next Steps
Hitachi Solutions will promote solutions to improve personal life and expand its solution portfolio of workstyle innovation. Hitachi Solutions aims for sales of 15 billion yen for the workstyle innovation solution.


Tetsuzo Nakahara, Executive officer, Office Marketing, Microsoft Japan

"Microsoft Japan is pleased to welcome the launch of Hitachi Solutions' workstyle innovation solution. In collaboration with Hitachi Solutions, Microsoft Japan will contribute to accelerating customers' business by offering cloud services for enterprise such as Microsoft Office365, Exchange Online, Skype for Business and SharePoint Online."

Ankur Kothari, Chief Revenue Officer and Co-founder, Automation Anywhere, Inc.

"With this relationship, Hitachi Solutions and Automation Anywhere will accelerate workforce transformation and meet the strong demand for RPA solutions in Japan. Hitachi Solutions focus on delivering Workplace Innovation Solutions along with our leading Digital Workplace technology will enable organizations to increase efficiency and productivity, giving people more time to create, think and discover."

Hitachi Solutions group offers "Hybrid-integration" combining Hitachi Solutions' own solutions from the viewpoint of overall optimization based on a customer's business life cycle.

Automation Anywhere is a trademark or registered trademark of Automation Anywhere, Inc. in the United States and other countries.


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