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The implementation supported by Advanced Digital Technologies LLC (ADT) helped bring efficiency and business intelligence

Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), announced that JSC Roytberg Clinic, Medicina, one of the oldest private medical institutions in Russia, is saving 6000 hours of manual work every year and has increased processing accuracy by nearly 100% after deploying Automation 360 (A360), the world’s first web-based, cloud-native AI-powered enterprise automation platform. The total cost savings accounted after deploying intelligent automation is estimated to be approximately $1.2 million per year.

JSC Medicina spent many resources manually entering radiation therapy (RT) patient data, positron emission tomography, and computed tomography (PET KT) into a new government medical portal, commissioned last year. Advanced Digital Technologies LLC (ADT), an Automation Anywhere partner in the region, worked with JSC Medicina to implement the new A360 platform. As a result, JSC Medicina is now automating patient data collection from internal systems and entering it into the central government portal UMIAS (Unified Medical Information and Analytical System) with increased accuracy, speed, and better tracking.

"We were looking to control costs and increase productivity; at the same time, we wanted to free our employees from mundane and repetitive tasks through automation, said Petukhov Maxim Yurievich, Director of the Information Technology Service of JSC Medicina. Working with ADT and Automation Anywhere's, A360 platform, we can now automate many of these time-consuming business processes giving employees the time to focus on innovation.”

"The ongoing public health crisis has accelerated fundamental digital transformation of the healthcare segment at breakneck speed, said Milan Sheth, Automation Anywhere, EVP-IMEA. AI-powered automation empowers healthcare organizations to respond with efficiency and cost savings while creating opportunities to address multiple challenges like patient care, revenue cycle management, claims handling, etc.”

JSC Medicina plans to introduce a culture of digital assistants, Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI), with built-in interactive analytics (Bot Insight) and Intelligent Document processing (IDP) amongst the doctors that will help free up some of their time, allowing them to focus on diagnostics, communication with patients, and finding optimal treatment strategies.


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