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Bot Insight delivers real-time business insight and operational intelligence increasing business competitive advantage


Automation Anywhere, the global leader in Enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA), today announced the availability of Bot Insight, a native RPA analytics solution that enables users to visualize and access never-before-seen process level data.  Anything a bot touches, interacts with, and processes can now be leveraged to provide real-time, actionable business intelligence and operational insights on bot performance.


Bot Insight transforms bots into “super data collectors,” gathering data and metadata across applications, processes, and all automated tasks.


Alsbridge Managing Director Derek Toone said, “In large-scale RPA deployments, robots handle a massive amount of data that typically reside across disparate, un-integrated applications and databases. Automation Anywhere’s new native analytics platform empowers businesses by enabling them to easily aggregate and manipulate the data handled by the robots in a centralized analytics dashboard. With this new addition to their suite of products, Automation Anywhere offers a strong value proposition of a digital workforce simultaneously driving operational efficiencies and generating business opportunities through both operational intelligence and business insights.”


Bot Insight is an integral force multiplier in the Automation Anywhere Enterprise RPA platform integrating analytics with RPA and cognitive solutions. 


Automation Anywhere CEO Mihir Shukla said, “We are seeing a transformational shift in the way businesses explore data, get insights, and take action. Organizations struggle with capturing valuable insights from data sitting within business silos. Bot Insight unleashes data at a granular level, offering rich, real-time business and operational insights. For the first time, organizations now can define the value delivered by their Digital Workforce, while simultaneously monitoring and displaying the health level and performance data of bots and the machines running them.”


Key features of Bot Insight include:

  • Real-time, content-level analytics that allow users to generate insights as bots run, based on granular process data and high-fidelity content data.
  • Auto-generated, smart dashboards that can be created on the fly to aid business users in engaging in the analytical process without IT intervention.
  • Native analytics that integrate seamlessly with Automation Anywhere Enterprise for immediate access to key data.
  • One-click tagging for variables of interest to quantify each bot’s business value
  • Real-time bot tracking to check for spare bot capacity, and troubleshoot less-utilized bots.
  • Powerful load balancing functionality for machines running bots.


To learn more about Bot Insight, visit https://www.automationanywhere.com/products/bot-insight



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