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Automation Anywhere®, the leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), today announced it has achieved a Net Promoter Score® (or NPS®) of +67, more than triple the average NPS score for the business-to-business technology industry. The Automation Anywhere study surveyed the company’s enterprise RPA customers representing global Fortune 5000 accounts. With a response rate of over 50 percent, four times the industry average, the study is another positive reflection of the company’s continued momentum.

According to a 2018 benchmark published by NICE Satmetrix, the co-developer of Net Promoter®, available here, the industry average NPS for the consumer “Software and Apps” industry is 31. Similar B2B studies are considered proprietary research and not freely published. However, a 2018 NPS study of IT decision-makers for enterprise B2B brands reported the average NPS for technology companies is lower than consumer software firms. Automation Anywhere’s relationship NPS is more than three times the reported industry average and well above the technology leader.

“Our NPS score is especially meaningful to us because it reflects the superior experience our customers have using Automation Anywhere’s RPA solutions,” said Rushabh Parmani, Co-founder and Senior Vice President of Customer Success and Operations at Automation Anywhere. “We value our customer feedback greatly and are thrilled to have achieved more than triple the category’s average NPS score, making us the highest rated RPA company.”

Enterprise software companies traditionally post low scores because they focus exclusively on their technology strategy. Companies like Apple, Google and Amazon have ushered in an era of extraordinary customer experiences. RPA is an emerging industry coming of age in this new paradigm and Automation Anywhere is the only provider capable of delivering these expectations.

Automation Anywhere’s superior customer satisfaction is a direct result of the company’s A+ Customer Success program, which provides each customer with all they need to make RPA deployments successful. This is validated by participants in the study, who were asked to describe their experiences leading to vendor score.

“I would say our customer relationship program is a unique selling point for Automation Anywhere. I like this approach of having a dedicated customer relationship manager who is available literally 24/7 to act on our issues and also give us the right direction to fulfill our goal of digital transformation,” stated Saurabh Singh, RPA Manager, Alstom.

“We find that our customers require a trusted advisor who can help them not only with technical challenges, but with general program planning and adoption best practices,” continued Parmani. “Our A+ Customer Success program does all of this, from helping to create a center of excellence, to cross-functional automation, to applying artificial intelligence to process automation.






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