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Autonomous customer support slashes resolution times by 89 percent and is improving customer experiences

Automation Anywhere, a leader in AI-powered automation, today announced that its new Service Operations Solution built on the Automation Success Platform delivered a 5x return on investment for internal customer support use cases. The solution has helped Automation Anywhere's customer service team deploy on-demand AI agents available 24/7 to assist customers, boosting overall agent productivity and dramatically improving customer and employee experiences. Following the solution’s successful pilot internally, Automation Anywhere will make the generative AI-powered tool generally available to customers this quarter. 

By leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) and infusing generative AI into its Automation Success Platform for customer service, Automation Anywhere has created natural language AI agents available to assist customers on demand. These AI agents, built with the platform’s robust security and governance, have boosted overall agent productivity by 5x, freeing up employee time to focus on more complex customer requests and delivering immediate return on investment.

In August 2023, Automation Anywhere saw an opportunity to enhance its Customer Support offering with automation and introduced Level 4 supervised autonomous AI agents to better serve customers. After a successful deployment, the company introduced Level 5 AI agents which now operate entirely independently. With the ability to work without human intervention, Level 5 AI agents provide fully autonomous, quick, and accurate solutions to customer queries, resolving 32 percent of technical support cases for the company’s Standard Support customers. The Autonomous Support Agents reduce average handling time by an amazing 89 percent.

“We have taken this opportunity to leverage our platform leadership in generative AI, automation, privacy, and governance to propel ourselves into the next generation of customer support,” said Pankaj Bhardwaj, Senior Vice President of Customer Support at Automation Anywhere. “We are thrilled that we will soon be able to offer this solution to our customers to further optimize their business processes and enable their employees to focus on more important tasks.”

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