Automation Anywhere Launches Verified Services Partner Program to Advance Customer Adoption of Intelligent Automation

New program helps customers identify service providers with automation expertise to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives

San Jose, CA – Sep 30, 2021

Automation Anywhere, a global leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), today launched its new Verified Services Partner Program to differentiate partners who have deep technical implementation expertise in its automation technologies to help customers start and scale their automation journey.

By verifying the technical expertise of service partners, the program makes it seamless for Automation Anywhere customers to work with service partners that possess the required competencies and capabilities to implement the company’s cloud-native, AI-powered Automation 360 platform and drive new ways of working.

“The promise of automation is to transform the way we work today by enabling sustained productivity growth and energizing the workforce with higher-value work to improve both employee and customer experiences,” said Ben Yerushalmi, Senior Vice President, Global Alliances and Channels at Automation Anywhere. “The Verified Services Partner Program will help our customers identify partners who have deep technical expertise with a strong record of driving customer success.”

The program is launching with close to 20 global Verified Services Partners who were part of the initial pilot, which includes BP3, Deloitte, and Infosys. To qualify, partners need to demonstrate specific technical competencies and Automation Anywhere certifications. Verified Services Partners must also have a proven, public track record of successful customer automation projects.

Through the program, partners can secure access to additional resources to help them build and scale their skills, which include:

  • Visibility on the Automation Anywhere website identifying their Verified Services Partner status
  • Preferred access to the Automation Anywhere solution desk staffed with specialists to assist with a broad range of technical consulting and infrastructure support topics
  • Early access to Automation Anywhere solution roadmaps, checklists, templates, and other information resources
  • A dedicated resource on the Automation Anywhere product success team, who can provide them with expert guidance and best practices for customer interactions
  • Qualified leads for services engagements to achieve greater go to market success

“At Infosys, we enable our customers to adopt a comprehensive approach to scaling AI and automation enterprise-wide,” said Balakrishna D R, Senior Vice President, AI and Automation, Infosys. “We deliver this by leveraging our applied AI capabilities, along with Automation Anywhere offerings, such as RPA as a Service, Automation Anywhere Robotic Interface (AARI) and IQ Bot. We are excited to be one of the first members of the Automation Anywhere Verified Services Partner Program to help clients improve operational efficiencies in their digital journey,”

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