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The Automation Success Platform launches the first set of innovations and partnerships to securely put generative AI into action across documents, business teams, and developers

Automation Anywhere , the #1 leader in cloud-native intelligent automation, today announced 3 major innovations that safely and securely put generative AI to work across the Automation Success Platform to accelerate productivity across businesses and deliver on its mission to help every company build a digital workforce.

In order to meet global GDP targets, businesses will need to increase productivity by an estimated 50 percent, according to McKinsey . As CEOs and board leaders contemplate ways to solve the widening productivity gap, generative AI is arising as a powerful tool in daily life. The Automation Success Platform unlocks the potential of generative AI to drive action across the enterprise, in addition to helping customers ensure responsible use of their AI to the benefit of their employees and stakeholders.

"Every company is in the midst of a productivity crisis. However, the combination of generative AI and automation has given us the power to unlock this next wave of productivity, completely transforming the way we work," said Mihir Shukla, CEO, and Co-Founder, Automation Anywhere. "The Automation Success Platform provides new and creative solution for everyday business challenges beyond chat. It’s about doing - from quickly responding to emails to generating new automations on-demand."

Automation Anywhere Puts Generative AI into Action to Accelerate Impact

Generative AI is now infused across the entire Automation Success Platform, bringing together the productivity gains of automation and compounding them with AI, making the path to ROI faster than ever.  And because the Automation Success Platform is uniquely architected to be fully open and extensible, companies can leverage any best-of-breed LLMs with flexibility to support use-cases most valuable to a business. With this initial announcement come three key innovations: 

Automation Co-Pilot + Generative AI for Business Users

  • Last year, we announced Automation Co-Pilot - an automation assistant embedded into any application. Now Automation Co-Pilot is GPT-powered, accelerating team productivity even more by enabling them to action any generative AI use-case across any system, from creating and summarizing content to sending emails and providing recommendations.

Automation Co-Pilot + Generative AI for Automators

  • Automation Co-Pilot is now embedded in the developer experience and connected to generative AI, empowering everyone, from professional developers to business users, to use generative AI to transform conversation into automation and expedite the speed to automation ROI.  Users quickly create automations by having a natural language conversation with Automation Co-Pilot, opening up automation development to virtually anyone in an organization.

Document Automation + Generative AI 

  • Document Automation now uses the power of generative AI for fast understanding, extraction and summarization of data from an ever-growing universe of unstructured document types, in addition to structured and semi-structured. More document types means more data can be unlocked. And because it’s connected to automation, data can be inserted right into a process workflow without any lifting and shifting. 

The Automation Success Platform is built with the highest security, privacy, and compliance standards that support best practices that ensure responsible use for AI. Features include guardrails for what users can and can’t do, options for human feedback and oversight, and built-in data privacy measures, making it the perfect partner to ensure AI is used responsibly.

"AI powered roughly 20% of business automation spending in 2022," according to Maureen Fleming, program vice president in IDC's AI and Automation Research Practice. "With generative AI poised to spread across all areas of an enterprise, we are at the very beginning of a cycle that will see generative automation rapidly expand automation opportunities, speed up automation development, and enable users to automate as needed to do their jobs."

The innovation leaps provided by integrating generative AI and automation benefit businesses across industries. The Automation Success Platform, infused with generative AI, is the perfect set of technologies to serve customers in verticals including healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services, to streamline operations, improve customer service, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition, meanwhile protecting the ethics and standards of their organization.

Automation Co-Pilot + Generative AI for Business Users is generally available to customers today. An early preview of Automation Co-Pilot + Generative AI for Automators will be available in July with signups open today. And Document Automation + Generative AI will be available in Q3.

To learn more, please visit https://www.automationanywhere.com/products/automation-ai

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