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When we think of car racing, we tend to focus on the drivers. But without the drivers’ pit crew, victory would be a distant dream. A team of many contributors—such as the jackman, gasman, and tire changer—all play a crucial part in reaching their one, common goal.

At Automation Anywhere, we act as the pit crew to our Enterprise A2019 platform customers. To ensure that you come in first every time, we’ve added exciting new updates in our Enterprise A2019.18 release.

Scale with citizen developers

To maximize your RPA ROI, you should implement automation wherever you can as quickly as possible. To help you scale, we’ve introduced a new license to help you activate your citizen developers. Before, customers did not have the ability to enable business users to create, publish, and run bots or deploy triggers on their local devices, which caused technical challenges and limited the opportunities for expansion. Now, with the license, citizen developers can build and share bots with departments through role-based access control (RBAC) and folder permissions. The addition of the new license helps users better leverage institutional knowledge and removes risks through central or federated governance.

Even better AARI for web experience

In this latest release, we’ve improved the user experience for AARI for the web with the addition of features that let users do more with their digital assistant at work. We’ve integrated AARI dashboards in Bot Insight for end-to-end processes analysis and visualization. We’ve improved the level of details offered in the Bot Insight dashboard such as identifying who created a request (bot or user) to differentiate front office and back office use cases. Also new are data retention mechanisms such as to request deletion and recovery. Users can control and limit the data storage and the AARI footprint. Last, but not least, we’ve added process management features to delete or rename a process, update descriptions, and more.

More to see and do

With Discovery Bot, we wanted users to have greater visibility to help make faster decisions regarding automation opportunities, so we’ve made enhancements to the recorder. Users can now hide specific screenshots in the analyst view and change the layout of the recorder screen for easy viewing while editing. In addition, in the past, users had to manually select each step in the discovery process—one by one. Now, users can select steps by group, the entire loop, or the entire branch, saving time and effort. One more enhancement: Discovery Bot is now available in Community Edition and as a free trial.

More smart features

The latest release brings significant enhancements to IQ Bot with the addition of “Document Automation extraction.” With this package, data can be extracted from English invoices with minimal setup time, allowing businesses to get started faster for quicker ROI. This feature is already available in Community Edition for users to experience. Along with the new package, IQ Bot has been upgraded to optimize the migration of learning instances and enhance the user experience with improved error handling for viewing extraction results.

More insights

We’ve also made enhancements to our analytics tool. We’ve enabled the adoption of Bot Insight for different analytics use cases, such as the availability of Tableau connectors. Customers using Tableau as their enterprise-wide analytics platform can now simply visualize their Bot Insight data in Tableau. And they can import and export their dashboards across different environments with BLM integration. In addition, we’ve simplified user licensed management by assigning Bot Insight licenses directly to a user instead of through a role assignment.

With these updates, you and your fellow Automation Anywhere users can get behind the wheel and speed forward on your Robotic Process Automation journey. To learn more about what’s new in Enterprise A2019.18, see the release notes.

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