Realize the benefits of organization-wide cloud RPA at scale

Improve productivity and employee morale

Improve productivity and employee morale

Optimize processes and scale on demand

Optimize processes and scale on demand

Provide exceptional customer experiences

Provide exceptional customer experiences

Drive company revenue

Drive company revenue

Improve front- and back-office collaboration

Improve front- and back-office collaboration

Enable digital transformation

Enable digital transformation

Create a culture of automation
with citizen development

Enterprise-wide automation requires more than just an RPA A-team; Empower citizen developers with RPA in the cloud to build their own automations to sustainably scale your RPA program.

Automation 360 cloud-native RPA is the only platform that enables employees in a governed model. Ensure quality, security and control with a global RPA center of excellence, or CoE, to institutionalize standards and distribute bot development to local or business unit bot factories. Free your CoE to innovate on strategic automation projects by enabling regional level teams to engage employees to use and build their own automations.

Global CoE

  • Institutionalizes standards
  • Trains bot factories for self sufficiency
  • Maintains oversight

Bot Factories

  • Runs regional bot development and management
  • Onboard employees and citizen developers

Employee Engagement

  • Use their own bots
  • Build bots for themselves or their team
Culture of Automation with Citizen Development

Your RPA-for-everyone essentials kit

Automation 360 is an all-in-one cloud RPA platform with digital assistants, process discovery, low and no code bot building, internal marketplace and enterprise grade security, So you can scale with confidence.

Discovery Bot

Discovery Bot makes uncovering processes and building bots a point-and-click experience. Natively built-in and AI-powered, Discovery Bot automatically records user activities, identifies highest-impact automation opportunities, and then generates bots.


AARI is your no-code solution to giving a bot to every employee. Get everyone using automation with an easy-to-use, provision, and control digital assistant that lets anyone run their own automation right within everyday workplace applications, like Excel and Salesforce.

Automation 360

Automation 360 is an entirely web-based cloud-native RPA platform with an enterprise-grade, intuitive, user experience. That means any provisioned employee can open any web browser, log in, and automate. Drag and drop, visual workflows, and pre-built packages make quick work of automating.

Private Bot Store

Private Bot Store is your internal bot marketplace. Ensure quality, security, and consistency, while reducing review time. Propagate prebuilt bots and develop a culture of re-use and best practice adoption with embedded documentation.

Automation 360 Orchestration Layer

Only Automation Anywhere offers a complete orchestration layer, with governance, compliance, and security oversight across all RPA activity. The orchestration layer is the key to building local bot factories that free your CoE to innovate on more complex automation projects.

Configuration Configuration

Identity & Access Management Identity & Access Management

Bot Lifecycle Management Bot Lifecycle Management

Bot Execution Management Bot Execution Management

Logging & Monitoring Logging & Monitoring

Updates Updates

Extensibility Extensibility

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