Let Automation Spread its Wings

Combine distributed development and central governance of cloud-native RPA to scale effectively

Scale RPA to capture the full ROI automation offers, while maintaining quality, security, and oversight by engaging business users as "citizen developers". Build business-led bot factories to distribute development and management, better leverage institutional knowledge in automation, and exponentially increase the reach and value of automation.

Realize the benefits of organization-wide cloud RPA at scale

citizen developers

Improve productivity and employee morale

Empower teams to solve business problems with automation.

Optimize processes and scale on demand

Apply expert-developed tools and training to automate at enterprise-level quality and security.

Provide exceptional customer experiences

Enable customer-faciing teams with automatic functions that manage repetitive, day-to-day tasks.

Drive company revenue

Increase automation with citizen development to get more done across the business

Improve front- and back-office collaboration

Engaging business teams fuels a culture of automation

Enable digital transformation

Citizen development is a key step on the path to enterprise-wide automation

GM Financial creates automation momentum by empowering employees as citizen developers

Botathons deliver cross-enterprise automation innovation and ignite workforce participation in transforming everyday operations.


“Employees don’t have to be technical or have sophisticated bots to solve problems and deliver things that are important to them, that really add value and increase employee morale.”


— Craig Davenport, SVP International Operations IT & Corporate Systems, GM Financial

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Accelerate from RPA infancy to digital maturity with end-to-end capabilities for citizen development

Build to scale effectively

Build to scale effectively

  • Blueprint

  • Expert best practices

  • Secure cloud deployment

Attract and train high-quality citizen developers

  • Fusion Team Job Descriptions

  • Training Videos

  • Recruitment Content

  • Build-a-Bot Workshops

  • Bot Games

Maintain pipeline, production, and governance

  • Access Control

  • In-product guidance

  • Citizen + pro-developer collaboration

  • Bot review with alerts and notifications

  • Static code analysis

Want to achieve full-scale automation?

Let’s talk about how to enable citizen development at scale to capture institutional know-how, expand automation capacity, and harness the power of your entire workforce to accelerate digital transformation.

Scale with confidence with the complete Automation Success Platform

Enterprise-wide automation requires more than just an RPA A-team; Empower citizen developers with the all-in-one intelligent automation platform to build automations and sustainably scale your RPA program with quality, security, and control.

Process Discovery

Apply deep, accurate, and actionable details on every process to identify automation opportunities at scale, root out process inaccuracies and inconsistencies, and simplify building effective bots.

Process Discovery
Document Automation

Extract, organize, and validate information from unstructured data to enable end-to-end automation and eliminate manual data manipulation.

Document Automation
RPA Workspace

Put flexible, web-based and consumer-grade intelligent automation tools to work on any business process. Empower employees to automate with drag and drop, visual workflows, and prebuilt packages.

RPA Workspace
Bot Insight

Improve with complete, real-time analytics at the bot, process and business levels to ensure with governance, compliance, and security oversight across all RPA activity.

Bot Insight
Bot Store

Expand automation with ready-to-deploy RPA bots and Digital workers. Create your own internal bot marketplace to ensure quality, security, and consistency, while reducing review time.

Bot Store

See how citizen development succeeds from start to scale



So now that the development costs are much lower and we can deploy much quicker, we were able to deploy 34 automations, with an 8 to 1 ROI, in 6 months.” —Joe Bechtel, Automation Strategy Lead, Humana


Northhampton NHS General

Quick collaboration with frontline teams enabled the hospital to automate the manual oxygen supply monitoring process within just 12 hours of the initial kick off meeting.


Dell Technologies

"Once we got a few groups on board with RPA, that was really a game changer for us. People started to see the results and the excitement was contagious.” — Joe Cotnoir, Director HRIS-Business Process Enablement, HR Services

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