JBS RPA Program Achieves $4 Million Lifetime Savings Across Their Entire Organization

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JBS is a global food company with 150+ locations in America and around the world. As the #1 beef and #2 pork and poultry producer in the USA, JBS provides more than 206 million servings of protein to families worldwide every day. The company is dedicated to responsibly meeting today’s tastes for a more sustainable tomorrow.


In 2019, JBS began exploring platforms to move their operations toward a more efficient, innovative direction. They found that several of their business units were faced with repetitive, manual work, and RPA allowed them to automate those processes across the organization, becoming a pivotal tool for their innovation goals.


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Sonny Yuan

We have a KPI to save at least $1,000,000 per year…2020, 2021, and 2022 we have been able to hit that target.

-Daniel Dinakaran, IT Director of Software Development Services, JBS quote


JBS engaged Automation Anywhere to lead them through their path to automation. The company created a lean CoE, comprised of three members in the US and three members in Mexico, to launch a pilot program and oversee everything from governance, risk compliance, and security provisioning to discovery of processes and training citizen developers. Today, in their US and international businesses, there isn’t a single department that has not benefited from automation.

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After signing on Automation Anywhere, JBS initiated four processes for their automation pilot program. One of these processes handled pricing updates in the procurement department. On any given day, one—or many—of the vendors in their network of more than a thousand would submit updated pricing. Before automation, two employees were tasked with the tedious process of receiving the new pricing, reformatting excel files to fit the requirements of SAP, inputting into SAP, waiting for the contract to update, and finally specifying the validity period. This ate up about half a day. A bot was introduced to mimic this manual process, grabbing the new pricing, manipulating the excel file, populating the new pricing in SAP, updating the contract, and finally, sending an email notification to the respective manager handling that contract. The results were the proof of concept JBS was hoping for—390 hours saved annually

From there, several high-value automations were deployed amongst various business units. In the Canada office, a bot automated international shipping documentation, which not only eliminated human error in the documentation but also saved approximately 220 hours per week and $250,000 CAD annually. Saving time and money has not been the only realized benefit of automation. Within their beef operations plants, JBS deployed a bot that calculated live yield, allowing supervisors on the line to work with butchers to improve their yield and adjust their cuts in real time, resulting in more efficient beef yields.

Daniel Dinakaran, IT Director of Software Development Services, summed up the program’s thriving company-wide adoption: “Starting from 2019 until now, we have 212 bots running in production in every single department. RPA is used throughout the organization. It’s not restricted to a particular department or a few departments.”That’s an impressive outcome for sure.


JBS’s roadmap to scale automation is forecast years down the line. In addition to growing their citizen developer training program and inspiring users to champion new use cases, the company has major automation initiatives underway with estimated completion in 2024. And while JBS has proudly accomplished evangelizing their RPA program wall-to-wall within their core business, they will continue to extend automation to their recently-acquired international businesses and will consider the Automation Pathfinder Program for further scaling through those new business units.

Vikram Tulsiani

Internal Audit came into the picture kind of hesitant as to what bots would do, and today we have automated two processes for them.

-Vikram Tulsiani, RPA Manager, JBS quote



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