Business challenge.

Customer service is the backbone of the customer experience. Yet agents must juggle an average of five different applications to address customer concerns, leading to sluggish turnaround times, inconsistent case resolutions, and ultimately, dissatisfied customers.

In a typical ticket triage process, agents are found spending nearly 70% of their time just gathering information from disparate systems. This not only hampers productivity but also prolongs the resolution time, pushing the average handle time to 24 hours or more.

The automation + generative AI solution.

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    Launch Automation Co-Pilot: Agent launches Automation Co-Pilot embedded within their primary application, such as ServiceNow, to orchestrate a series of actions to understand, process, and categorize tickets. It retrieves data across systems, reducing the need for agents to log into multiple applications.

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    Agent review and approval: With all information collated, the agent can review case details directly in ServiceNow and approve the categorized ticket for further action.

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    Case resolution and customer communication: Automation Co-Pilot updates data across systems ensuring data consistency and generative AI drafts an update to the customer on the resolution of their ticket. The agent reviews the draft, personalizes the message, and sends it to the customer.

Break the AHT barrier: Supercharge agent productivity with automation and generative AI.


<5 min

turnaround time for L1 tickets


reduction from standard AHT of 24 hours


app with embedded automation for instant agent response

Deliver faster, better service with embedded automation and generative AI.

Speed L1 ticket turnaround from 24 hours to less than five minutes.


Submits multiple IT tickets online for various support requests.​

Human interaction Automation Co-Pilot

Support agent initiates AI-powered ticket ​processing via Automation Co-Pilot ​embedded in ServiceNow.​

Generative AI

Generative AI translates support request languages.

Generative AI Automation Co-Pilot automate
AA Document

Generative AI parses texts and ​hands them off to automation.​

Human interaction Automation Co-Pilot automate

Automation Co-Pilot sorts inquiries in ServiceNow for agent review.​

Automation Co-Pilot automate

Agent makes decisions via Automation Co-Pilot embedded in ServiceNow.

Automation updates data ​across systems.​

DB sap
Generative AI automate

Generative AI drafts custom emails for agent's review.

Human interaction automate

Agent personalizes the email before sending ​it to the customer.​



Human interaction

Human interaction

 Generative AI

Generative AI

 Automation Co-Pilot

Automation Co-Pilot

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