True innovation comes when we abandon what’s expected to focus on what’s possible, especially where it impacts people. Enterprises made a transformative and innovative leap when they began approaching workers as people rather than “human resources.” Today, however, those people are stressed to the limit as constant volatility burdens every team more.

Join Nancy Hauge, Chief People Experience Officer, and Forrest Whyte, VP, Total Rewards, Talent Acquisition, and Technology, both of Automation Anywhere, as they explore how automation and generative AI increase workers’ productivity, innovation, and well-being without increasing stress levels. The speakers will uncover:

  • How automation has enabled a people-first approach to technology and innovation

  • Where generative AI is already impacting and enhancing the people experience

  • How automation and generative AI are combining to usher in a new system of work

This webinar will also feature a product demonstration showing how automation and AI enable enterprises to create intelligent automations and further speed the return on automation and people investments.

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