Have you heard about the talent shortage?

Whether you're a business or technology leader, finding skilled employees has become another full-time job. Unfortunately, the talent shortage is here to stay, but fortunately, Automation Anywhere helps businesses create and manage intelligent automation that can empower teams across functions to achieve greater productivity while providing a rewarding work experience. And having a high level of job satisfaction is more important than ever when it comes to retaining top talent.

Join Matt Stewart of PNC Bank and Linda Ding of Automation Anywhere in this lively webinar to explore the latest trends and strategies to engage your best talent with intelligent automation. During the webinar, you will learn:

  • How to drive business growth while making the lives of your teams happier and more fulfilling

  • How you can design and deploy intelligent automation at scale with limited resources

  • Tips and advice on taking a human-centric approach to solution innovation


Matt Stewart, AI Strategy and Planning, CoE Manager, PNC Bank

Linda Ding, Director, Solutions Marketing, Automation Anywhere

Matt Stewart

AI Strategy and Planning, CoE Manager

PNC Bank

Linda Ding

Director, Solutions Marketing

Automation Anywhere

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