For over two decades, businesses have struggled with gaining control of the vast volumes of unstructured documents routinely created, processed, and stored. Both volume and types of data (paper, email, video, pdf, voice, etc.) that could effectively be leveraged by organizations have increased exponentially. In the digital age, only organizations that make effective use of data can prevail.

Today, a radical disruption is happening within the capture software market. A new report from Harvey Spencer Associates (HSA) — InfoSource reveals the market landscape for Intelligent Capture 2.0. Today’s solutions not only capture data from different types of documents, but they have the ability to intelligently route that information to business applications, and use it to execute transactions and improve customer experience.

Learn from HSA-InfoSource Research Director Mike Spang, and Avi Bhagtani, Sr. Director of Product Marketing and Strategy at Automation Anywhere, about the power of AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for document processing.

These solutions can help you:

  • Build AI and RPA into your existing workflows and seamlessly extract data with confidence

  • Automate the input and utilization of unstructured data in business processes

  • Truly transform the workplace, as capture capabilities and integrated AI + RPA can finally be used to effectively tame the document deluge

  • Automating document processing can empower your organizations to improve employee experience, build in governance and compliance through pre-defined process workflows, and reduce the cost significantly.

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