We're quickly moving from simple process automation to a world where automation augments human effort, giving workers more time to focus on what matters most. But those pioneering the coming augmented workforce, so-called citizen developers, need executive champions, the software platforms to develop ever-more impactful automations, and governance to maximize the realized value.

So how can you begin recruiting, inspiring, and empowering citizen developers?

Join intelligent automation experts from Bain and Automation Anywhere, as they guide you through the promise of employee automation, how it differs from citizen development, and why it’s critical to understand the four distinct worker roles as you start and scale a successful citizen developer program.

You’ll leave this webinar with a better understanding of:

  • How to create a compelling value proposition for citizen development, the relevant KPIs to track, and a plan for communicating program success.
  • Ways to enable and promote citizen developers across your organization with libraries, participatory programs, education and certification initiatives, problem-solving resources, and more.
  • How to develop a governance program covering automation releases, maintenance, value reporting, and more.

Register now to learn how to put the foundation in place to ensure your organization extracts the full value of automation.

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