Intelligent automation (IA) can power your quote-to-cash process to quickly deliver accurate information to clients, minimize order and invoicing errors, and improve your data analysis and forecasting efforts.

Now, you can implement intelligent automation quickly and efficiently with prebuilt, easy-to-customize, and reusable bots from Automation Anywhere’s Bot Store. These bots can be integrated with enterprise applications like SAP and Oracle. Bot Store also offers process and integration expertise from our partners.

Join Mark Brousseau, President at Brousseau & Associates, Suhasini Gadam, Product Marketing Manager - Bot Store, and Vikas Jha, CEO - Spectar Group, for an insightful session on automating your Quote-to-Cash process.

Don't miss:

-Industry analysis and challenges faced in the quote-to-cash process

-Why intelligent automation is the need of the hour for the quote-to-cash process

-How to accelerate your automation efforts with Bot Store

-How to implement prebuilt RPA bots and automate your Quote-to-Cash Process quickly and efficiently

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