Record-to-report (R2R) processes account for nearly a third of all costs in Finance and Accounting (F&A). As expectations grow on the business outcomes, F&A needs to deliver working capital optimization, demand management and other strategic insights that influence decision making.

Join us for an engaging discussion on using a methodical approach to categorizing and automating your R2R processes. EVCA is a framework developed by Everest Research in collaboration with Automation Anywhere that provides clear guidelines and a step-by-step guide to build your automation across F&A, HQ, IT and other business functions.

In this webinar you will hear from Ken Mertzel, Senior Director, Industry Marketing and Kashif Mahbub, Vice President, Product Marketing at Automation Anywhere on how you can:

  • Employ the EVCA framework to evaluate your R2R processes

  • Identify the best candidate processes for automation

  • Rid yourself of the manual challenges to achieve efficient data management, reduced costs, and operational efficiency

Register for this webinar to get free access to the complete set of 12 EVCA papers each covering a specific business function.

This is the second in our EVCA webinar series intended for business process owners, CXOs and shared services leaders focused on increasing operational efficiency and CoE executives looking to scale their automation.

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