When it comes to scale, every automation program has a need for speed. Hasten the success of your automation ROI with sound advice from those who've done it, starting with Cantor Fitzgerald and Ricoh.

Join in as automation leaders from these two enterprises discuss their paths to scale, and we'll introduce you to the newly-launched Pathfinder Community. You'll also learn:

  • A 90-day action plan to set the stage for breakthrough automation impact.

  • How champions, communications, and citizen developers are critical to automation scale.

  • Powerful insights available from a vibrant community of your automation peers, experts, and innovators.

This webinar is part of our 1st Annual Pathfinder Community Space Camp - a mid-year community symposium that will propel you to success, no matter the stage of your automation journey. Learn more about our Community Space Camp event running May 1-5.

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