Watch this exclusive webinar unveiling the newest features in our Automation platform. Learn directly from the product owners and witness demos showcasing the following top 5 features:

1. GenAI Enhanced Document Automation: Effortlessly extract table data from unstructured documents using simple natural language queries with GenAI.

2. Autopilot: Accelerate process discovery, prioritize opportunities, and automate workflows seamlessly within our platform.

3. Resilient Recorder: Adapt to changes in web applications and ensure automation success, reducing troubleshooting time and improving success rates, especially for Citizen Developers.

4. Connector Builder: Rapidly create connectors without Java expertise, optimizing team bandwidth and accelerating development timelines.

5. Desktop Automations in Process Composer: Ensure data compliance with local automation execution, enabling rapid responses for time-sensitive scenarios while seamlessly integrating within your preferred web application.

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