5th Largest US Bank Leverages Embedded Automation to Transform the Experience of 60,000+ Individuals


As the fifth largest bank in the country, with more than 60,000 employees, the bank strives to be more than just a financial institution. They seek to be a technology leader. Using their engineering and technology mindset as an industry differentiator, they employ constant innovation as a driving force for the past 170 years.


Looking to acquire financial institution, the bank knew to accomplish such a prodigious goal they needed a digital transformation. Using their innovative and technologyforward mindset, they identified digitization and automation as the key ingredients to the transformation needed to complete their speedy acquisition. Unfortunately, burnout was a very real concern. With a 30% uptick in early retirements triggered by the recent pandemic, the bank faced what much of the country was dealing with as well: a talent crisis. Most of their retirees had been in the bank’s technology departments and had left the bank facing a number of increasingly perplexing problems.


Manual Processing & Costs Removed


Month Acquisition (Record Time)

To start, we needed to answer this question first: How can intelligent automation transform the employee experience?”

-Matt Stewart, Tech Lead quote


The bank sought the Automation Anywhere partnership to help them transform their employee experience and streamline technology innovations to make their operations— and their acquisition—smooth as butter. The secret ingredient to a successful recipe: They embedded automation into their core applications and processes such as SharePoint, and custom-built apps. They deployed hundreds of bots, starting small and scaling upwards, to perform HR functions, finance functions, anti-money laundering functions, retail care functions, back-office functions, operations functions, and more.

Processes Automated

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Finance Functions

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Anti-money Laundering Functions

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Customer Facing Functions (Retail)

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Back Office Functions

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Software Backend Rebuilds

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Operations Functions



To account for the talent crisis, transform their employee experience, and make a smooth acquisition, the bank sought the strategic partnership of Automation Anywhere to help orchestrate the digital transformation they were to embark. They began the process of re-engineering by first looking at their teams’ processes and creating process maps. Struck by how visually complex they were, they looked closer and made a startling discovery. Nearly 70% of their employees’ time was dealing with bottlenecks and obstacles. They began reimagining work, re-designing the processes, and simplifying outdated and redundant workflows, aligning the KPIs with the overall business impact.

The company used Automation Anywhere to embed automation using intelligent RPA bots designed to strip away all the busy work. By embedding the latest intelligent automation from Automation Anywhere in their core applications such as SharePoint and custom-built banking applications, the company is able to deliver a seamless automation experience for everyone across the bank with minimal change management and training; at the same time, the embedded solution boosts employee productivity by allowing them to focus on high-value human activities while minimizing low-value robotic tasks. The bank became cost-effective and adaptable. They had made the digital transformation they needed and completed their investment in record time, making history with an 11-month acquisition.


Delighted by their commendable start, they are certain that this is only the beginning. They scratched the surface of possibility and are eager to scale further, specifically by bringing AARI and the Automation Success Platform into play as well.

Knowing that an engineering mindset and culture are extremely important to the company’s future state success, they want to edge this mindset in their coming plans. They plan to rebuild their backend to enable micro-service scalability, which will allow them to build an end-to-end ecosystem of applications that will elevate their customer experience.

Our employees felt they were in a dead-end job. How could they stand out if their entire day was doing busy work?

-Matt Stewart, Tech Leadquote



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