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Within one month,we developed and deployed Automation Co-Pilot and quickly demonstrated value by simplifying tasks for our frontline and efficiency gains for our clients.

Manish Pandya
SVP of Digital Transformation, TaskUs

Customer achievements.

Customer Achievements


Improvement over AHT target


Data accuracy


Increase in ticket processing


Teammates supported by Automation Co-Pilot

Empowering 3,000 teammates with automation.

TaskUs revolutionized customer experience by leveraging cloud intelligent automation and Automation Co-Pilot, yielding exceptional results: a remarkable 105% improvement over the Average Handle Time (AHT) target, 100% data accuracy, and doubling ticket processing capacity to reduce defects. With Automation Co-Pilot, over 3,000 teammates seamlessly triggered intelligent automations, swiftly accessing vital customer information from various platforms. This seamless integration with automations within internal systems helped to optimize interactions with customers, significantly boosting customer satisfaction. The success of the Automation Co-Pilot implementation has become a game-changer for TaskUs' clientele across various industries, empowering them to generate more value, improve business transformation, enhance customer experience, and foster higher teammate satisfaction.

Processes automated.

  • Account and Customer Verification
  • Case Summary Note Processing
  • Next-Step Guidance
  • Post-Call Follow up

Customer overview.

TaskUs offers disruptive CX services, including AI, consulting, and content security, to innovative companies worldwide.

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