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Automation Anywhere accelerates the productivity of humanity and at the same time creates inclusive job opportunities for refugees.

Jintae Kim,
CEO, Robo Co-op

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Customer Achievements


Refugee job opportunity goal


refugees upskilled by 2026 with Automation Anywhere


months of training that changes lives

The path to digital inclusion - Facilitating rapid upskilling for refugees.

Robo Co-op, a cooperative led by refugees, was searching for a digital enabler to fulfill its mission to empower displaced individuals with digital skills and job inclusion opportunities. Many refugees have fundamental IT skills but lack opportunities to reskill or upskill as a digital worker, necessitating a solution that not only teaches them automation technology but does so efficiently and inclusively.

The challenge was two-fold: refugees needed to upskill rapidly to access the digital job market, while corporations required a solution seamlessly compatible with generative AI for automation and analytics. Automation Anywhere emerged as the transformative solution, effectively bridging this gap.

Automation Anywhere's user-friendly, no-code platform facilitated the professional acquisition of automation skills by refugees in just three months, presenting a significantly shorter learning curve compared to traditional coding training. This enabled refugees to contribute to the digital economy swiftly. Furthermore, the platform's ease of use and robust integration capabilities positioned it as a highly sought-after solution among corporations. Automation Anywhere provided a means to enhance productivity by automating diverse tasks, including document processing with generative AI, embedded Intelligent Automation in various applications, and advanced analytics.

This versatile platform served as the cornerstone of Robo Co-op's mission, transforming refugees into skilled professionals capable of delivering automation technology services and, in the process, creating inclusive job opportunities. The impact of Automation Anywhere not only addressed the immediate challenges refugees face but also empowered them with skills essential for long-term success in the digital realm, contributing significantly to societal digital transformation.

Customer overview.

Robo Co-op is a refugee-led cooperative that provides digital skills training and creates job inclusion opportunities for refugees through digital impact sourcing.

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