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We wanted to maximize the benefits of automation and create sustainable growth.

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Intelligent automation: The catalyst for innovation and efficiency.

As constant innovation and inspiration were the bread and butter of this multinational corporation, the company felt a natural draw to eliminate process bottlenecks. The company saw significant benefits from automation due to Automation Anywhere’s expertise and tools, notably the Automation Anywhere Pathfinder Program, library, and university.

Looking to free the heart of the corporation from the blocks plaguing it, the company focused initial automation efforts on one of the design teams. First, the company educated the team and included them in the brainstorming sessions to help identify potential use cases. Then, deploying the company’s Six Sigma-inspired project management tactics, they began their weighted prioritization to target technically viable, high ROI automation opportunities. Once identified, product managers owned the end-to-end idea. An intelligent automation design team created an automation solution, deployed it, and moved on to the next opportunity. Each time an automation was released, the company focused on making it even more efficient and effective, maximizing the benefits of intelligent automation while allowing for sustainable growth.

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  • Creative design tasks
  • Non-creative design tasks

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As the world's largest supplier and manufacturer of athletic shoes and apparel, this corporation centers its focus on one vital thing: its athletes. The company does this by bringing innovation and inspiration to everything they do. By championing continuous advancement for athletes and sports, they help athletes reach their potential.

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