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Embedded analytics were the key to saving us a considerable amount of money and time since no complex and expensive integration was needed.

Senior Director, Global Finance Center

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The company intuitively felt that its RPA initiatives were going well. Employees provided anecdotal evidence through their stories of how they were getting more done, with less rework required because of reduced errors. Employee satisfaction was up. Cash flow was easing. Operating costs overall were declining. But were these improvements due to the bots, or to something else? The firm wanted to know before it followed through on ambitious plans to scale RPA globally throughout its worldwide operations.

There were three aspects of RPA that the company wished to measure.

1. The health and performance of the bots themselves. What was the operational uptime of each bot? How many crashes? How efficient were the bots being? Without knowing these metrics, RPA skills could not be honed.

2. Improvements to the business due to RPA. How many invoices could the firm now process per hour? What were the inventory turns per month? Why not analyze all this data to find ways to enhance business operations?

3. The ROI of RPA investments. The company wanted to know how RPA was impacting its bottom line. How much money was it saving by automating certain processes? By reducing employee turnover? How much cash was freed up by a more efficient order-to-cash process? All these questions could only be answered by manual calculations at great expense of time and money.

Processes automated.

  • Accounts payable
  • Cash forecasting
  • HR
  • Procurement
  • Data management
  • Customer services
  • IT
  • Tax
  • Real Estate

Customer overview.

A Fortune 100 multinational conglomerate with more than 130,000 employees, this U.S.-based company designs and manufactures a broad range of commercial and consumer products, and aerospace systems— along with accompanying engineering services—for a wide variety of customers from private consumers to major corporations and governments.

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