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How optical character recognition (OCR) can be integrated with automation has a lot of people excited about the value of RPA.

Mark Waugh
Automation Central Manager

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End-to-end automation seamlessly connects SAP, email, and Microsoft Excel.

Two bots, an order retriever IQ bot and an order translation bot, now process each purchase order that comes in. When a customer e-mails in an order, a CSR no longer has to input the PDF data manually into SAP. Instead, they simply forward the e-mail to a bot e-mail which triggers the process for the bot to retrieve all the pertinent order details from the PDF. The bot then puts the data into an Excel document and sends it on to the order translation bot, which then fills out the information in SAP, creating a sales order.

During this pilot stage, Eastman has trained IQ Bot to recognize four different layouts it’s using for different customers. One of the more complex patterns requires the newest version of IQ Bot, which the company is looking into purchasing.

Processes automated.

  • Purchase orders

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Eastman, headquartered in Kingsport, Tennessee, is a global specialty materials company that produces a broad range of products found in items people use every day. With 14,500 employees around the world, the multi-billion-dollar business serves customers in more than 100 countries.

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