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We were able to launch 3,000 additional ads for one publisher in a single month, all because we had the time and the resources to focus our energy on more strategic projects.

Sujay Kar
Director of Business Intelligence, Core Digital Media

Customer achievements.

Customer Achievements


Person-hour savings monthly


Annual cost savings


Faster access to customer data

Time savings from intelligent automation enables business and revenue growth.

Using automation technology from Automation Anywhere, Core Digital saves around 300 person-hours per month, equivalent to approximately $150,000 per year. This enables the team to allocate more time to revenue-generating activities. Sujay Kar, Director of Business Intelligence, highlights the impact by stating that they were able to launch 3,000 additional ads for one publisher in a month due to the increased time and resources available for strategic projects. Furthermore, access to data has significantly improved, allowing for faster decision-making. Previously, data was only available in the afternoon, but now it can be accessed in the morning, providing real-time insights into the business.

Processes automated.

  • Data-Extraction Processes

Customer overview.

Core Digital Media is a leader in the online marketing and customer acquisition business.

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