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There were times when I had to stay up until 3 in the morning processing order forms. Now, the bots handle the processing, and I can focus more on customers.

Brandi Ford
Senior Contract Administrator, Automation Anywhere

Customer achievements.

Customer Achievements


Reduction in contract processing time


Reduction in exception handling with Automation Co-Pilot


Decrease in signature processing time

Transforming contract operations with intelligent automation.

In response to a surge in demand for Automation Anywhere products, contract operations faced challenges in meeting the increased workload, resulting in slower bookings and potential customer dissatisfaction. To address this, the team used bots to collect information and send alerts, which resulted in improved internal customer satisfaction and reduced processing time from five minutes to just 25 seconds. The team also automated envelope preparation, accurate ticket reporting, contract signing and approval, order status updates, notifications, and queue management. These automation initiatives resulted in an 88% reduction in contract processing time, 100% reduction in exception handling with Automation Co-Pilot, and an 80% decrease in signature processing time.

Processes automated.

  • Contract signing and approval
  • Order status updating in Salesforce
  • Order status notifications
  • Queue management

Customer overview.

Automation Anywhere’s contract operations function is responsible for reviewing and processing order forms, statements of work, and governing agreements for the company’s internal sales team and customers.

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