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We were able to get some real value out of this. We were able to get revenue benefits because there was reduction in the times we made errors.

Executive Vice President

Customer achievements.

Customer Achievements


efficiency improvement in warranty claims processing


business processes automated


efficiency improvement in invoice processing


INR saved annually

The road to innovation - Embracing hyperautomation in automotive operations.

The automotive giant had been operating with legacy systems for 40 years, relying on manual, human processes to manage an array of complex processes. These processes were both labor-intensive and prone to errors. Duplicate claims, for instance, remained unchecked, resulting in substantial time and financial resources wasted on inauthentic claims.

Determined to streamline its operations, the organization forged a partnership with Automation Anywhere. The company commenced its journey into automation with a proof of concept (RPA) in 2019, focusing initially on automating invoicing processes. The results were astounding, with this single automation adding over 280 hours of capacity to the workforce and driving a 63% efficiency improvement—all while reducing the chances of duplicate payment for the same invoice. This success spurred the automaker to embrace a transformative shift from task automation to hyperautomation, incorporating rule-based processes and ultimately embracing Intelligent Automation, integrating AI, API-based validation, and comprehensive business process re-engineering.

One of the most impactful transformations occurred in the realm of warranty claims processing, where the automaker liberated 528 workdays per year and compressed a 60-day process to just 15 days. To date, the company has automated over 125 tasks, leading to substantial cost savings totaling 43.8 million INR per year, along with remarkable efficiency gains.

Processes automated.

  • Invoice processing
  • Warranty claims processing
  • Supply chain procurement tasks
  • Sales promotion claims processing
  • Market feedback processing

Customer overview.

A subsidiary of a major automaker, with a leading market share of 42% in the Indian passenger car market.

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