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Welcome to the Automation 360 Resource Center. Get the tools, guides, and information you need to learn about and upgrade to the latest Automation Anywhere platform from Enterprise 10 and 11.

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Start your upgrade

Get the product tools and comprehensive set of resources to guide you through the step-by-step migration process.

Get to know Automation 360

Get to know Automation 360

Upgrading to Automation 360 gives you access to a single, integrated cloud-native Digital Workforce platform built on a modern architecture designed for flexibility and agility​

Understand why RPA in the cloud is better​

Understand why RPA in the cloud is better​

Automation 360 in the cloud provides you speed, scale, security, and ease of use without the maintenance or infrastructure costs and upkeep.

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Get to know Automation 360
Understand why RPA in the cloud is better​

Migration Process & Resources

Step through your migration process with the help of these tools, step-by-step guides and other helpful resources.


Check your migration readiness


Plan and prepare​


Migrate your bots​


Bot Scanner

The Bot Scanner is a utility you can run to understand which of your Enterprise 10 or 11 bots can be migrated.

Download Bot Scanner

Automation 360 Migration Guide

From the Bot Scanner to the process of migrating your bots, the the step-by-step companion throughout your migration journey.

Download Migration Guide

Additional Resources

Tools to help make your migration seemless

Explore Resources

Choose cloud or on-prem deployment​

Automation 360 in cloud​ The cloud option provides several advantages such as speed, scale, lower cost of ownership and more.

Automation 360 On-premises​ Achieve all benefits of the modern platform on your own infrastructure. See Benefits

Get your Automation 360 license​​
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Get your Automation 360 license​

When you’re ready to begin migration, contact your Automation Anywhere account representative to obtain a migration license.​

The migration license provides you with 90 days of Enterprise 10 or 11 and Automation 360 product overlap to perform your migration.

Prepare your Control Room​​

Once you receive your license and environment information, set up your Control Room.

Cloud Control Room​ For Cloud, you must set up a new Control Room.

On-premises Control Room​ Migrate your on-prem Enterprise 10 or 11 Control Room by backing it up and copying it on Automation 360 Read Documentation


Use the Bot Migration Wizard to migrate selected bots

Follow the guided step-by-step process in the Bot Migration Wizard to migrate bots individually or in bulk from Enterprise 10 and 11 to Automation 360

Test and validate migration

Review and run your migrated bots to ensure the automations are being performed correctly.

Repeat process until 100% migration is completed

Once you have successfully migrated a few bots, you can use the same process to migrate all of your Enterprise 10 or 11 bots.

Get to know Automation 360

The single integrated intelligent automation platform for all your business processes

Single integrated platform​​

Single integrated platform​​

  • Integrated platform for front-office and back-office automation, as well as employee productivity
  • ​End-to-end automation value cycle: discover, capture, automate, optimize​
  • Extensible architecture and rich technology ecosystem

Easy to use​

  • Quick to set up
  • ​100% web-based experience that is easy-to-use for all user types​
  • ​No-code and low-code bot building for citizen developers
  • ​Centralized management and controls for IT/COE


  • Cloud-native architecture leverages advantages of the cloud
  • Customer choice in deploying on-prem or in cloud
  • ​Single code-base for same experience on-prem or cloud
  • ​Easy, unlimited scalability
  • ​Lower cost of ownership​

Integrated Intelligence​​

  • Built-in AI and ML throughout the platform for continuously improving performance​
  • ​Brought-in 3rd party AI skills with drag-and-drop integration
  • Native operational and business insights with real-time dashboards​

One experience,
in cloud or on prem​

In the cloud

Zero-footprint, instantly-available and infinitely scalable cloud-native platform, designed for frictionless adoption

In the Cloud


Enterprise-grade privacy, security, governance and control, architected for performance and scale

Why customers choose Automation 360



Increase in data processing


Saved in labor costs


In-network customer records managed


3600 View

Bot extracts data from 37 offices to provide daily revenue view


Hours saved goal by 2022


Annual savings

Automation Anywhere Cloud

Automation Anywhere Cloud Automation Anywhere Cloud

Choose your own cloud deployment model

Pure Cloud

Fully hosted and managed in the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Cloud​

SaaS experience, with instant access to the complete platform – secure, always up to date and zero infrastructure to maintain.​

Cloud Enabled​

Data on your infrastructure and management functions in the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Cloud​

Keep your data on-premises while enjoying a SaaS experience and lower total cost of ownership.​​

On-premises with​ cloud updates

Fully hosted on your infrastructure with optional updates from the Automation Anywhere Enterprise Cloud

Deploy fully on-premises with control over receiving updates and new AI capabilities from the cloud.​

Got Questions? We’re here to help​

Frequently asked migration questions

Find answers in this Q & A

I can’t find the answer to my migration question

Contact your Automation Anywhere Customer Success Manager if you need additional help​

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