AARI, the intelligent way to work—thanks to the cloud.

Cloud-native means you can deploy bots to a global workforce at scale, in seconds


Anyone can automate

from anywhere

Increase RPA adoption

Increase RPA adoption

across the enterprise

Be more productive

Be more productive

with automation at your


Be more productive with your everyday tools

AARI surfaces the power of automation to more of your workforce, enabling your employees with newfound speed and accuracy.

Think of AARI as every employee's digital assistant. AARI helps you scale automation across your workforce by providing all employees easy access to RPA across platforms, applications, and devices.

And AARI simplifies workflow by consolidating data and multi-interface complexity into a single-pane-of-glass employee view.

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AARI is a valuable add-on to Automation 360, empowering the everyday workforce with intelligent automation—increasing productivity and reducing errors. Learn more about the power of Automation 360.


Existing Customers

Bring AARI into existing Automation 360 installations*

$350 USD/month for 10 users

$4000 USD/annually for 10 users

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12-month commitment

*Bot Runners sold separately

Video Snapshot

Imagine Digital: Automating Inside and Out

The front office and back office—working as one collaborative office. It’s happening inside TTEC’s BPO operations with cloud RPA and AARI. Now, TTEC is taking the solutions beyond its walls to help customers experience the intelligent automation advantage.

What do complex processes look like with AARI? simple.

Salesforce. Run entire processes, end to end, from within Salesforce. That means never toggling between different applications.

Microsoft Excel.

Automate directly from Excel, with an Automation Anywhere command embedded directly in the ribbon for quick access.

Google Sheets.

Automate directly from G Sheets, with an Automation Anywhere toolbar embedded within G Sheets.


Collaborate with people and bots to automate high-touch processes, including approvals, escalations, and exceptions.


Get a single screen view of data across multiple systems with downloadable, easy-to-use, interactive forms.


Coming Soon!

Whatever you need to do at work,
AARI is on hand to help


From hours
to just minutes

AARI makes short work of processing data from multiple sources allowing businesses to increase customer satisfaction and increase sales throughput.

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