New App from Automation Anywhere Leverages Social Collaboration to Uncover High Value Automation Projects

Oct 17, 2013

Automation Anywhere (, a pioneer of automation software, today announced the availability of Automation Anywhere Cumulus. The socially-driven application helps businesses identify and prioritize task automation by tapping into the collective wisdom of their user community. Designed to utilize social collaboration to quickly and easily determine ROI-producing automation tasks, Cumulus is first launching through the Yammer App Directory, where it will be a featured application for the leading enterprise social network.

Automation Anywhere Cumulus helps businesses rapidly determine the value of automating a process to improve overall operational efficiency. Using Cumulus, anyone in an organization can suggest a task to be automated, vote on tasks that seem most valuable, contribute suggestions to existing initiatives, and track active automation projects. What sets the app apart are its built in tools that point specifically to value achieved through task automation, calculating hours and dollars that could be saved by automating each suggested manual process.

Automation Anywhere Cumulus will first be available as a featured application through the Yammer App Directory. Companies already using Yammer can simply add Cumulus to their deployment, and immediately begin internally sharing and prioritizing new automation projects.

"Enterprise social is the new operating system for organizations, and has the power to deliver real, measurable ROI," said Mihir Shukla, founder and CEO of Automation Anywhere. "Cumulus provides a way for entire organizations to tap in to the social revolution and contribute ideas for automating tasks while keeping the value of doing so at the forefront. We know that Yammer, with its large user base and commitment to making social enterprise collaboration work, is the perfect place for Cumulus to be first available."

Specific features and benefits of Automation Anywhere Cumulus include:

  • Live ROI: Use project level dashboards and self-defined rationale to give clear visibility into your company's potential ROI and ROI already achieved at any given time. Built-in calculators show potential days and dollars saved by automating a task, allowing companies to focus on high priority projects.
  • Automation Idea Management: Democratize automation by giving workers the opportunity to suggest, comment on, and initiate automation projects across user communities.
  • Process Visualization Tools: Leverage intelligent technology that visually records, captures, and maps process automation initiatives on a step-by-step basis.
  • Automation Champion Leaderboard: Identify and reward key contributors, and build organizational automation expertise through gamification.
  • Enterprise Social: Allow teams to self-organize, collaborate, and execute without the limitations of traditional organizational boundaries.


"Automation Anywhere has its finger on the pulse of what businesses should be doing with social platforms: utilizing them to pinpoint high return activities, like process automation," said Gregory Love, Business Development Manager at Yammer. "We look forward to Yammer users leveraging Cumulus to find the most crucial business processes to automate throughout their organizations."

About Automation Anywhere

Automation Anywhere Inc. provides intelligent business process automation and testing software that transforms the ways businesses think about automation. With more than 30,000 customers all over the world ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500 corporations, the company is an established technology innovator with products that are accessible, affordable, and require no programming at all. Using Automation Anywhere, businesses have the power to not only automate individual processes, but to leverage social collaboration to suggest and execute on automation initiatives across the entire enterprise. For more information about Automation Anywhere, please visit

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