Top 6 Downloaded Bots from Automation Anywhere Bot Store

Written by Suhasini Gadam in Automation Anywhere News on February 28, 2019
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As productive as humans are at creating new technology, producing astonishing movies, and helping fellow humans live better at the top of the food chain, we can do better. We now have the option of employing software bots at work to complement our inquiring minds. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology from Automation Anywhere can automate mundane repetitive tasks and helps us refocus on work we enjoy the most. With pre-built bots and Digital Workers from the Bot Store, automating tasks has never been easier.

With hundreds of bots available, Bot Store helps you automate almost any business process or business function across the enterprise faster. Here are the top six most-downloaded bots:

1) Perform Various Email Operations

Communicating with humans comes naturally to all of us. However, keeping track of all our email is becoming stressful. Reading, replying, scheduling meetings, along with the multitude of email activities can take up a large part of our work time. Thankfully, this bot can quickly sort emails, create appointments, read emails, send emails, store emails, and reduce the frustration of having to deal with hundreds of emails. This easy to use bot can be effortlessly integrated into new or existing email platforms without any technical supervision. Now, you can use your time wisely to do more thinking rather than sorting through and responding to email.

Get Perform Various Email Operations Bot here


2) Change Date and Time Format


Although we can’t slow down the passage of time, we can make sure our bot can perform various date and time operations no matter where on earth we happen to be. This bot can be easily integrated into new or existing tasks to add seconds, minutes, days, months, years, change date formats, find date difference, compare a date, and much more. Use this bot to easily input date or change date formats according to your needs.

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3) Convert Speech to Text


If you enjoy thinking-out-loud, then consider this bot for converting speech to text and then storing the captured text as a variable or an API. This bot accurately analyzes both short and long-form audio. If you crave an automated personal voice recorder that converts voice to text, then this is your bot.

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4) Perform Various Spreadsheet Operations


Chart the future with this bot to easily get values and formulas from cells, columns, rows, and much more in your Google Sheets. This bot performs a variety of operations, based on the input and the desired output in Google Sheets. This bot delivers quick and easy integration in both new or existing tasks without any technical supervision.

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5) Perform Multiple Microsoft Excel Operations


Collaborate better with various team members with our library of MetaBots that automate manual Microsoft Excel operations. Put Excel tasks on autopilot and perform fewer manual inputs. The impressive MetaBots library covers a wide variety of Excel tasks to facilitate human excellence.

Get Perform Multiple Microsoft Excel Operations Bot here


6) Analyze Image Content


Can a bot accurately scan an image at scale and record the details as well as a human could? The answer is yes. You can use this bot to accurately analyze an image and return information pertaining to specific items found inside the image. This bot quickly delivers a string of attributes found inside images using the Microsoft Computer Vision API found in Azure.

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The Automation Anywhere Bot Store makes it easy for you to use pre-built, ready to deploy bots for a variety of tasks and deliver instant work gratification. If you are curious about automating a single task, a more complex business process, or even a business function, the Bot Store has you covered.