Process Intelligence is the key buzzword for 2022 for a reason: it shines a light on every detail of every process lurking in the shadows and shortcut corners so you can realize automation and transformation success. Organizations need more than hunches to help them make decisions. And it’s the reason Automation Anywhere acquired FortressIQ, the pioneer of process intelligence.

Join this fireside chat between Automation Anywhere COO Mike Micucci and Pankaj Chowdhry, EVP of Discovery and former CEO of FortressIQ to hear why process intelligence should be top of mind for every executive looking to get ahead of digital transformation in their organization.

Pankaj and Mike will discuss:

  • Why process intelligence is the key buzzword of 2022
  • How process intelligence will form a key component of any successful intelligent automation strategy
  • What executives and leaders can do to drive a mindset shift toward intelligent automation in their organizations

Mike Micucci , COO Automation Anywhere
Pankaj Chowdhry, EVP of Discovery and former CEO of FortressIQ

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